Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tuck: "Did you like your Mother's Day, Mama?"
Me: "I loved it. You guys did a fantastic job at making me feel special."
Tuck: "I had fun, too. You know what I think?"
Me: "What?"
Tuck: "I think there should be a 'Son's Day'.Then I can get breakfast in bed, too." 

Mother's Day was made for me by this face. 

And this one (blurry, I know, but you get the picture...pun intended)

Because we were watching this:

Oh, wait. No.That's not what we were watching. But, this guys was adorable. While waiting for the kids' music concert to start, my husband pointed him out to the kids. He was high above the stage working the lights. When I pointed my camera at him, he smiled at me and waved. I was so excited because if you look closely, you will see he is under the age of 60. That is a huge feat for me considering I am most popular with guys in the Early Bird Special club. 

Anyways, the kids were so excited to be watching THIS: 

THIS being the Imagination Movers concert...live. They danced their little hearts out for an hour and a half straight. The kids danced too, and smiled ear to ear the entire time. They joined in, they sang along, they shook their tail feathers, and it did my heart good. They won't be this young forever. I just treasure these moments when they are in their element and let loose. Plus, each of them has their own style.   

Mags has really picked up some moves. I don't know where...maybe preschool or the aisles of Target? That girl can really keep a rhythm and shake her booty. Tuck just mimicked whatever dance the guys did on stage. The robot seemed to be his specialty. It was stiff movements that he could handle. 

Me? I snapped pictures, sang along...loudly...with Chris, and we watched the kids rock out. When we got home, exhaustion set in. Sure I could have gone to a spa or had a pedicure, but I figured when they are older, they'll feel like they HAVE to spend the day with me. Right now, they WANT to spend the day with me. 

And who knows? 
By the time they're 18, it might be changed to "Son's Day". 
You just never know with these kids. 


  1. Thank goodness my kids aren't into that. Glad you had fun.

    Happy Mama's day again.

  2. Thanks, Lance!

    In all honesty, you would have LOVED it. We've been to a bunch of different kid's concerts and these guys take the cake. Seriously. Nobody compares. :P

    Hope your wife had an awesome day and you didn't have to make too many more runs out to the store. Hehehe.