Friday, May 25, 2012


Mags: "When I'm an adult, I'm gonna be the best 'in-charger' person ever."

I don't doubt this one bit. She'll be large and in charge and she'll find out what I found out. It's not always sunshine, rainbows, and getting what you want when your'e in charge. In fact, there are days when I would gladly give up my rein as "the adult" to the four-year-old. Can you imagine? That might be fun. What if I just threw up my hands one day and said, 

"Here you go, Mags. Here is my scepter and crown. Have at it!" 

Well, first off, we'd eat avocados and lick the lime flavor off the Tostidos all day long. The only drink available would be "warmed up milk". I'd be able to whine that it was not the right temperature and demand that it be corrected at once. No Barbies would be dressed and we'd leave them all over the house. We'd take four baths and paint a picture with toothpaste in the sink  because...well...why not? We'd brush our teeth twelve times and overflow the sink an equal amount. Next we'd get out the play make-up, little bottles of brightly colored nail polish, and stuffed toys galore. They'd be set up on the beige carpet. Who cares if we spill it? Mags won't mind. And since she holds the scepter, she calls the shots.

No need to clean up these things either. We'd just move on to the next thing, which would be Play Doh. All the brightly colored, tube shaped, brand new containers would be no more. Hot pink, bright orange, neon green and then we'd throw some purple in there for good measure.

"Look! I made an alien!"

After it was all smashed together, we'd put all our efforts forth to shove it into one tube. The new grayish color would pour out over the top while we placed the cover on haphazardly so it would be sure to dry out. Those little stray pieces that fell off the table and all over the floor, you ask? No worries. We'd step on them and mash them into the carpet as much as we possibly could. It would match the nail polish we spilled earlier.

After that....BUBBLE TIME! Outside, we'd blow bubbles while wearing flippers and goggles just because we could. That thick, sticky, soapy liquid would cover us and the ground. We'd be layered in grass and dirt from chasing those floating spheres all over the yard. Then we'd spend the rest of the afternoon eating as many Popsicles as we could handle and pointing out to each other what pictures we found in the clouds. 

Wait a cotton pickin' second! This day sounds divine! She is way more fun than me. I'm handing over my scepter and crown this instant. Well...maybe.

Right after I catch this bubble.  

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  1. Have at it Mel!
    Just make sure Mags knows she has to post a blog entry about her In Charge experiences at the end of the day.
    (That'll be a fun read! hehehe)

  2. This is so cute! I love how Mags tells us her own story. I love the part about licking the lime stuff off of the chips. Ha!

    (Thanks for linking up with us over at #findingthefunny last week!)