Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Tuck: "Mama, who are you texting?"
Me: "Daddy."
Tuck: "Well, don't use all capitals because that means you are YELLING at someone."
Me: "How do you know that, Tuck?"
Tuck: "Daddy and I read it in the 'Piano and Laylee' book about text messaging."
Me: "You are too cool, kid"
Tuck: "It's true."

We found these terrific books for children ages 5-9 called the Piano and Laylee Learning Adventure Series by Carmela Curatola Knowles. They are about the adventures of two sweet puppies who learn how to be safe and responsible while using technology in this digital age. Since our kids really took to them and obviously quote from them, I thought I'd share with my blog folk. There are five Mag's sized books that talk about the safety and etiquette of going online, text messaging, cyberbullying, copyright, and acceptable use policies. 

Tuck especially loves the book 'Piano and Laylee Text Message'. He uses our old iPod Touch to play a few game apps. Chris also set him up recently with a text feature that goes only to our phones. It's how he'll know to text appropriately in his later years...and not to use it to break up with a girl. Seriously, what is wrong with kids these days?  I digress. 

When I got my first text for him, I heard him laughing so hard from his room. I knew, because he is six, that I would be getting the best text ever. And I did. It was so very sweet. 

It just isn't a text message to your mom unless you mention POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! 

Learn more about the Piano and Laylee Series:


  1. This is absolutely precious! I love how Tuck is practicing his texting skills. This is the perfect way for young digital citizens to learn how to be great digital citizens as young adults. I've actually done hand written practice texting (no talking allowed) with my 4th graders and I think it really helped! Next year I plan to embed this practice before they are allowed to post to Edmodo for a global project they do. Cheers for Tuck! (and Mom and Dad of course)

    1. I'll be interested to hear more about your project. That sounds very interesting. Great idea for an exercise withe the kids. No more "passing notes" like we did. :P

      Talk to you soon, Carmela. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I had no idea these books existed! Thanks for the tip--will check these out and hoping Piano and Laylee can explain all the stuff about this "modern age" that I can't ;)

  3. Honestly? I fear the day my girls enter the world of texting and Facebook and email and uguuuuggghhhhh!

    I really have no idea what'll be the new thing when Lizzie is 16 - in ten years..... will we just think a thought and it'll be texted to whomever we want???