Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The kids recently asked to move into the same room together. We did a trial run for a week and it was successful. Here is a tender conversation between the two kids I heard the first night we were trying out this arrangement:

Tuck: "Now, Mags, if you need anything you just let me know, OK? I am right here on the top bunk, so I can help you."
Mags: "OK, Tuck. (pause) Like, what would I need?"
Tuck: "You know, if you need me to tuck in your blankets or sing you a song."
Mags: "I'd like a song, Tuck!"
Tuck: "Which one?"
Mags: "How about 'You Are My Sunshine'?"
Tuck: "OK. How about we sing it together?"
Mags: "Good idea. Ready...and a one, and a two, and a one, two, three."

*Tuck and Mags singing the sweetest version of 
'You Are My Sunshine' I have ever heard.*

Tuck: "Goodnight, Mags. I'm glad you're here in my room."
Mags: "Night, Tuck. Me too. I love you."
Tuck: "Hey Mags, listen. Did you hear that toot I just did?"
Mags: *laughing hysterically* "YOU TOOTED!"

This is the fifteenth installment of "Picture This"
You can read all about why I started this by clicking on the link.


  1. Quick, start a timer and see how long it lasts!!!
    If my sisters and I are any standard, you've got at least a few weeks of this. then it will fall apart, but pick up again 26 years later!

    Though I hope it lasts forever for them!!!