Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Mags: "Mama, I'm going to take a quick picture of what I made on your phone." 
Me: "OK, but just take one, OK?"
Mags: "I already took eight. I'll just take ONE more like you said, cause I'm a good listener."

Mags loves to take pictures with my phone. When I clear out my pictures every few days, I usually find seventeen pictures of a monster she created with an app, twelve of her feet in all different levels of blurriness, and random pictures I have caught or saved. 

So, this got me thinking. You know how you can analyze a dream?  I bet you can do the same thing with the last five pictures on your smart phone. You can learn a lot about yourself and others can learn a lot about you (as scary as that might be). It got me thinking, if a stranger found my phone, here's what they might analyze the pictures to mean: 

There's a strong possibility they have Captain America's phone. Captain America really likes to play dress-up apps. He enjoys drinking Capri Sun and then reuses the empty pouches to create a lovely dress and purse combo. How responsible. He is a " go green" kind of guy. Captain America also must be training this small, spitfire of a child using Yoga poses for future hand to hand combat. He also has given her a secret identity of her very own. The helmet is the key. There is a whole new generation of superheroes in town.

Okay, okay. So maybe that would just be my husband's take on the last five pictures, but here's mine: 

My secret identity was revealed, Mags dresses dolls on apps like she dresses herself, when my friends ask for suggestions of what to wear to an event, I jump right in to help out as best I can, it's always good to try new things to stay active, and you can never be too safe when you are 
playing...on the you house.  I am a mom. No doubt about it.

What would others learn about 
you from the last five pictures on your phone?

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