Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trifecta Writing Challenge: The Wake Up Call

This post is in response to Trifecta's Weekly Challenge. They ask that we use the third definition of the given word and create a story that is 33-333 words in length using that word. The word this week is:

1 a : living in a state of nature and not ordinarily tame or domesticated <wild ducks>
   b (1) : growing or produced without human aid or care <wildhoney> 
      (2) : related to or resembling a corresponding cultivated or domesticated organism
2 a : not inhabited or cultivated <wild land>
   b : not amenable to human habitation or cultivation


She woke up with a start, her mind wild with fear. Laying there, frozen, ears intensely listening for another sound to confirm her worst nightmare. She was sure she heard a distinct crash from down the hall. Her heartbeat was deafening. There was an eerie silence filling the house now. In the time it took to run through her emergency escape plan in her mind, she began to realize it must have been a dream. There would have been another sound alerting her to an intruder by now. 

Slowly releasing herself from the confines of her own mental bindings, she reached over and felt her husband’s chest rise as he took a deep breath and rolled over. She felt the adrenaline drain from her veins as she cautiously gave in to her slumber. As her body relaxed, she heard a sudden bump, a man’s voice cursing, and heavy footsteps in the lower level of the house. Her husband sat straight up, instinctively grabbed for the nine iron he kept next to the bed, and harshly whispered, 

“Stay here. Don’t move.” 
There would be no time for her childish escape plan now. Sweat poured down her back as she began to shake uncontrollably. Her stomach lurched and her body pulsating with terror as her husband guardedly moved down the hall. She lost sight of him as he reached the landing by the stairs. The light in the hall flicked on, footsteps on the landing, and then shouting. A struggle. The sound of a fist on face. A moan, a plead, a gunshot. Silence.


  1. How good is this? Really good. Love the tension you left us with.

  2. I don't think I took a breath through this whole story. Great description and suspense. I want to believe the husband is okay.

    1. Thanks for reading, Janna. It was my intention that he would not be, but then I left it like this to let people make their own decision.

  3. This had me on the edge of my seat. Please tell me you'll continue this some day? Great write. Thanks for linking up again.

    1. Really? You think it's good enough to continue with? Thanks so much for the compliment. I'll put some thought in how Icould develop this. :)