Monday, June 18, 2012


Tuck: "Mama, watch this. Watch this. Watch this. Watch this. Watch this. Mama! Watch this. Watch this. Watch this. Watch this. Mama! Are you watching?"
Me: "Yes, Tuck, I'm watching. Believe me. I am watching."

The milestones the kids are reaching lately are coming on fast and furious. We were in a lull there for a while and now all of the sudden, BAM! Tuck's tooth that has been loose since April (I kid you not...see this post) has finally decided to break free and just go for it already. He keeps bending it forward with his tongue, which totally grosses me out. That thing will be popping out before we know it. 

Back in April Tuck asked to take the training wheels off his bike. He really wanted to learn to ride. It took him some time and we'd go to our nearby walking path (because it's hard to learn to ride on a mountain). He was still a little wobbly...that is until last night when he hopped on his bike and took off. He had complete control, kept his momentum up and maneuvered around obstacles like a pro. I was proud and amazed all at the same time. 

Then we went to the park. Both the kids were all over that place. I couldn't keep up. Mags realized this year that some of the equipment she couldn't maneuver before is now easy peasy. It was the same deal with Tuck. The fire pole, the rock wall, and this strangely shaped thing were all doable.

Both kids were like Spider Man. 

So, between  losing teeth,  ditching training wheels, owning the park equipment, upgrading the car seats to booster seats and  moving along in swimming class; I will be the mom in the corner crying throughout the summer. Of course it will mostly be out of pride and admiration for their new found level of independence. Seriously, though, all those old ladies in the line at the grocery store who told me not to blink.... 


Who's with me in the corner this summer?
What milestones are you seeing lately in your household?


  1. My 4 yo just drew a picture of a person with a body, not just the giant circle head/body combo she's been drawing for a year. When I asked where she learned that she said "I just did it." They are all starting to figure things out and doing stuff without me. It's freeing, but also terrifying. I feel like saying "wait for me!" I won't be crying yet though.

    1. That's a great way to put it. I'm running behind them watching trying to keep up w/ how fast it's going by!

  2. Give it up to the old ladies for knowing what they were talking about ;)

    1. Let's give them all a virtual toast...well...most of them. :P

  3. I'm vicariously proud of your kids through you!