Thursday, June 7, 2012


Mags: "This is the WORST.DAY.EVER!"

Mags' worst day ever is determined by the amount of fruit snacks she's allowed to have or how many times she loses at Zingo. I find myself getting aggravated when she says those words to me. I'll tell her, 

"No, Mags. Trust me. Having to take a shower rather than a bath does not make your day bad." 

Then I shut up and have to remember that these are "big things" in her world. In her four-year-old world. A fight with Tuck, getting put in time-out, dropping her bowl of cereal on the floor that she just spent 5 minutes pouring...these are are things that can ruin her day. And they would ruin mine as well, but just on a bigger scale. A 30 something-year-old scale. 

For instance, the other day fit one of these Mags' "worst day ever" days. It was Tuck's first day of summer break, but both Mags and I are still in school. Our schedule is one week behind his.  Last week, with him being out, I still had to go see students and proctor state testing. This was something he could not tag along with me for. 

On MY "worst day ever", Tuck went to a friends house that morning (thank you, Les) and Mags went to school. As soon as I dropped them both off, I raced to the school thirty-minutes away to go pick up the testing materials for my student. I missed the turn to the school due to my brain overflowing with a long series of 'what I need to do's'. I got back on track easily enough and arrived at my destination. The school buses were still dropping off, so I maneuvered around them, parked, and ran into the office. I picked up the tests, ran back out, and over to my car. Except I couldn't get in. My car door was locked and no matter how many times I beeped my automatic opener, the door would not open sesame. It was beeping, the locks were turning...I could hear them...clear as day. Then I noticed my coffee mug and pile of papers on the passengers seat were gone. And where were the car seats? Oh. This wasn't my car. Sad part was, it was the same color, but not even close to the same make and model. My car was NEXT to it, on the other side. I ran over to my very dirty car (now wishing the other clean one WAS mine) and hopped in. 

Off I went. I got to the student's house and sat during testing. My stomach growled the whole time. I forgot to eat something before we left and I also had the hiccups. SHHHHH! The student finished his test, but I was late (which drives me nuts). I had to drop the testing booklets back to the school before I could go get my kids. Did I mention I was late? I text the appropriate people to let them know. I picked up the kids, plopped them in the car and headed off to the next student. 

This time the kids could come with me and sit quietly watching a movie since there would be no testing. Racing, racing, racing to get to the student's house on time and we made it! PHEW! Except....I was at my FIRST student's house. OH.MY.WORD. Now, I was late...again (argh).  I took the time to text the parent of the student that I was supposed to be seeing, but not response. Later I realized that I text my doctor's phone number. I have no idea how or why that happened. Her office phone can't even receive texts.

When all was said and done and we were on our way home, I said, 

"Man. This was a crazy day."

Tuck responded with, 

"Yep, but we made it though."

And he was right. We made it through the day of mishaps, wrong turns, and misdirected texts. Once home, we all went into our own little quiet time. Tuck was busy creating Lego robots, Mags fell asleep on the floor mid-Barbie party, and I ate some late lunch. 



  1. Oh, to be a kid again and to have a " bad" day! In retrospect tose. Ad days sure look good!

  2. Sometimes a spilled bowl of cereal or a broken lipstick is all it takes. Hope your day got better. :)

  3. On the other hand, now you get to look back at it and it's an funny story!