Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Mags: "Mama, here. You can have Silky to take with you for your surgery."
Me: "Thanks, Mags! That is so sweet of you!"
(Two minutes later)
Mags: "Umm, can I have Silky back now? How about you just THINK about her while you're in surgery. Okay?"

It was the thought that counts. Right? For Mags to even think about giving me her treasured comfort item to take to the hospital was a very sweet and selfless gesture. Both kids have been helping me to get the house cleaned up and errands run before Thursday's surgery. I should only be down and out for a week after, but my anal nature makes me want to make sure the fridge is filled, the laundry is caught up, the deck is stained, and the sink is fairly cleared. You know all the normal everyday things. 

While helping me prepare, I found some items on my dresser this morning. The kids had put some things there for me to bring along to the hospital on Thursday morning.  

From Tucker:

*His Batman sunglasses. This is so the lights in the room wouldn't be too bright when I woke up. Plus, I would look "very cool". 

*One of his comfort items. He has about 50 of these socks he took to as a baby. He loves them all the same. To give me one to take is BIG. He won't even let Chris take one when he goes away on trips.

From Mags:

*A My Little Pony. This is for when I wake up and I get bored, I can play with her. 

*One of her comfort items. Even though she has THREE Silkies, she does not share them. They are hers and hers alone. This one you see in the picture is the one I replaced her lost one with. You can read that story here. Even though it is not as loved as the other two (all Silkies are NOT created equal) it was still a very kind gesture.

I'm sure the doctor will appreciate me gripping all these things 
in my fists on Thursday morning.

Well, not Silky. But I'll be able to THINK about 
Silky (and her owner) and that's enough comfort for me.


  1. New follower stopping in to say hello and I look forward to more posts. Stop by my blog and join or laugh at the chaos.


  2. Good luck! Dont forget stool softeners... But not too many... (trust me on this one)

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  4. Just looking at that pic is making me tear up. I know it took a lot for them to put you first, and give you the things that mean the most to them. You have raised them right! Love you!!

  5. Your kids are just the sweetest. Will be praying for you on Thursday. I know things will go just swimmingly. Chin up, lady!

  6. Take all of these things with you. It will help YOU and it will help THEM. I still have the voice message on my cell from when my son called me at the hospital after my surgery last year. He sounded 5 years old. And he's 12. Your wee ones are nervous, not only for themselves but also for mama. They want you to be as relaxed as possible and their gestures alone should help move you in that direction.

    We are thinking of you a lot around here. A lot. My girl asked about you today. You're in all of our thoughts this week and you will be back home to your two ... I mean three (Sorry, Chris) ... little rats in no time. Deep breaths, my friend. Love is being sent your way as I type :)

    1. That ODNT Jr is such a doll. Thank you for thinking of me, making me laugh and distracting me with fun and HILARIOUS plans. :P I owe you a big hug for all your support. Love you, friend. :)

  7. Perfect reminders of why to get better and back on your feet to get back to your family.
    You should get your doctor to let make sure you have this stuff nearby when you wake up. It really will help.

    Have a great, simple procedure and a fast recovery.

    1. I'm totally sticking the sock in the socks they put on my feet. The rest will be in the bag with my clothes under my hospital bed when I come out.

      Thanks for the good wishes, Guap!

  8. You've got some pretty amazing kids, and they have some pretty amazing parents. Sending you, Chris, and the kids lots of love. Can't wait for this to be a distant memory, and no more pain monster hiding in the shadows. Love you Mel. xo.