Sunday, June 10, 2012

TRIFEXTRA: A Moment In Time

This post is in response to Trifecta's Trifextra Weekend Challenge. They changed up the rules this weekend and here's what they asked of us. This weekend we are asking for a bit of your memoirs.  We want a real account of a period in your life that can be clearly identified by (wait for it) the number three. I recently wrote out our birth story for our son on my blog. This experience was a part of that, but I went into more detail of this particular late night visit to the hospital. 

A Moment In Time

I waited all my life for those three trimesters. Every week further in brought less nausea, more flutters, and increased strength from the inside out. Thirty-three weeks landed us in our third late night visit to the hospital. Stopping the persistent contractions was the goal.  

As I lay in that hospital bed with my husband telling me corny jokes to keep me from losing it, the nurse came in with a shot. My heart raced three times the speed once I caught sight of that needle. The medicine contained in that little vial was nicknamed the ‘jitter serum’. If the first one didn’t calm those contractions down, then a second one was given. If that didn’t scare your uterus quiet, then a third dose was given. If that one didn’t work, well, we had never got to that point before. They always stopped by the third one. 

One...let the twitches begin. Two....let the incessant “what if’s” flow. Three...let the prayers pour from my very soul.

The doctor came in a short time after and stood in front of us.

“So, you wanna have a baby?”

I turned to Chris who met my panicked gaze and grabbed my hand. It took us both about three seconds to say,

“No. Not if we can help it.”

And with that, the doctor told us he would give the medicine thirty more minutes to take effect. Chris and I flipped on the TV for distraction and watched Tom Cruise jump up and down on Oprah’s couch like an idiot. Three minutes of my life I would never get back. Then, just before the thirty minute mark was coming due, everything stopped. Everything settled. Everything was calm. Everything remained intact. 
Fast forward to three times three weeks later, three days of labor, three hours of pushing, and three minutes to decide it was time to try another route. After some cutting, pressing, pulling, and waiting; our boy made his grand entrance, crying all the way.


  1. Well, at least he made it and he's awesome. I'm always intriqued by my female friend's labor story. I've never heard the same one, before.

    glad you worked this out...tri will be happy

  2. Thanks for linking up with Trifextra this morning. There are so many threes in this story! It sounds like he was a bit too eager to make his grand entrance. So glad you convinced him to hold off until he was bigger. (Quite bigger, it sounds!) Hope to see you back again soon!

  3. Whew, 3 days of labor? Sure hope you got 3 weeks at a luxurious spa for Mother's Day that year!!!!!

  4. I'm glad the doctor went with your instincts and waited that last half hour. I can't imagine how scared you must have been, waiting to see if everything was going to go wrong or right.

  5. Child birth can be so traumatic...I had a traumatic one too. Third kid. You remember every detail because I think your senses are heightened by all the adrenalin.

    Well told...and lots of 3's :D

  6. Pretty intense and very scary! Three days of labor. Yikes! Happy for a wonderful result!

  7. Is anyone ever truly ready for it? :) Well said!

  8. I loved the way you used the 3's! And with accuracy as well! Thank you for sharing your story!

  9. Are you trying to win favor by using three so much?

    Seriously, I loved your story. And I love that you'll never forget where you were when Tom Cruise did his ridiculous sofa dance. :)

  10. Loved your story. Lots of 3's. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Nice story of threes! I'm glad you had a happy ending. I can relate to the shots, the worry, the waiting, long labor and c-section - my first treated me to all that and more :)

    I had to laugh at the memory of Tom Cruise's couch dance...I didn't watch Oprah, but heard all about that one!