Monday, July 2, 2012


Mags: "Mama, don't worry, even when you look ugly, you're still pretty."
Me: "Thanks?"

The past four days have been an adventure to say the least. Between the surgery (read here for the back story), the pain killers, the unbearable heat, and the power outage, we haven't been bored. The first few days home were decent. I mostly did this:

Photo credit: Mags (while "checking on me")

My husband was true to his word and kept HEAPING amounts of chocolate by my bedside. He also wrote a guest post for me! See? What a good man. I had some very fun emails, DM's, PM's and texts waiting for me to pass the time while I was awake waiting for my pain killers to kick in. I apologize to any of you if I repeated myself or babbled. I'm a little nervous to look back and see what my responses were to your sweet messages. I was also thankful for a few night owls who kept me entertained in between pain relief.  

Then Friday afternoon it started to storm and we joined the tens of thousands of people in our area that lost power. The storm raged through and left quite a destructive path of downed trees, power lines and damaged houses. Luckily, our house went unscathed. But, the power was out. Saturday was fine. I was more awake and Chris kept the kids entertained. I stayed in bed and played on my phone, stared at the wall, and slept. We recharged phones with our car charger and picked at all the veggies and fruit from the fridge. The kids were troopers to say the least. Saturday night was hot and I noticed a rash on my stomach (which I attributed to the heat). The mountain cooled off quick and we kept the windows open. To our dismay, we woke up Sunday facing another full day of heat and no power. 

Sunday early morning I noticed I was very itchy and had a bigger rash on my stomach. To give you a quick medical history, I am allergic to most narcotic pain medications. I get a rash and then my tongue swells. I don't mess around. The doctor sent me home Thursday with a pain medicine that I had never tried before and it worked. I seemed fine. Except it built up in my system and I got itchy and rashy and well, no need to have the tongue swell. I took some Benedryl, said good-bye to the comfort, and texted my best friend who is a nurse. She congratulated me on officially being allergic to every narcotic pain med out there. Thanks, K! 

I also had noticed that since the surgery, my vision was very blurry. Being on a roll, I texted my friend Michele, who had surgery this year as well. She confirmed (to my relief) that she had a similar experience with her vision. Apparently it was due to a combination of the anesthesia, pain medications, and anti-nausea patch. Phew! I wasn't going blind after all. On with the hot, sticky day!

Late Sunday morning we heard power was restored to some of the streets below us, so we hung on. In between naps I heard fits of laughter, large bangs, and the word "zip line" being repeated over and over by the kids and the husband. I thought maybe I was having heat stroke and hearing things, but then I checked Facebook. Turns out I was right about the zip line in the living room as seen by this picture Chris posted. 

At about 5PM we gave up the good fight and went over to our friends' house to escape the heat for a few hours and take showers. Thanks, Amanda, Mark and Mimi! Once the sun began to set, we came home and settled in for a night of open windows and fresh night breezes in our house. I took a sleeping pill and drifted off fast. At about midnight, we woke up to the sweet sound of beeps, clicks, fans, and the A/C kicking on. The sweet relief of electricity. 

We all woke up this morning a little more refreshed. My swelling has gone down and I'm managing the pain with regular doses of ibuprofen.  I'm also feeling more "with it". Chris planned out a full day with the kids and I'm hoping to get some writing done, steam clean the carpets, and maybe watch an 80's movie or two.(Just kidding. I'm making sure you're not sleeping.)

So, once again, thanks for all the love, support, packages of goodies (those will be a post in and of themselves), and laughs. We have some seriously supportive family and friends. 

Stay cool in this heat!


  1. HUGE ((hugs)), Mel! Glad you got some relief from the heat. I've said it before, but your family sounds like a hoot! I never would have put 'zipline' and 'living room' together! Rest up and feel better soon!

  2. Sorry to hear you're having a rough week! Hang in there! I've never known u to do it the "easy" way (whatever that means??). Take care my friend! Irmo, SC had record breaking temps of 109 with a heat index of 119*! Find relief that u live elsewhere!
    Luv u!

    1. Chel, I have to be adventurous. :P So glad we aren't in 109. Stay cool, girl!

  3. You have definitely had a rough go of it! Hope the "heat", in more than one sense breaks soon.

    1. Thanks so much, Meredith. Smooth sailing from here, though. :)

  4. So how are you feeling tonight? Are you up and around or not yet?

    1. I'm up and around a little bit. I'm sore, but mostly exhausted. I've been awake a lot more today. Just taking it easy. :) Chris goes back to work Thursday, so I'm going to lay low until then. :)

      Thanks so much for caring and asking. Can't wait until next month!