Wednesday, July 25, 2012


There are a few things I need to post about. First and foremost is announcing the winner for the recent CAPTION CONTEST. You can read all about it, check out the picture and be impressed by the fantastic entries here. I do love how you guys make me laugh. After thoughtful consideration, the winner is:

      With her entry of:
"I got lost on my way to the kegger."

Be sure to check out her blog: The Mom of the Year 

Great job to all who entered. You made Chris and I...ahem... I mean, the secret panel of judges and I chuckle.

The second order of business is that I bit the bullet and purchased and secured for a whole entire year the domain name:
I'm really excited about this. I can only imagine the time it is going to save me to not have to type "blogspot" in my address. Precious seconds, I bet, and those add up! 

The third and final thing is that Mags got to meet her favorite football player, Kyle Arrington (AKA "Awwington") of the New England Patriots. She asked that I post the picture she took with him (she is so proud). Mags and I cheer for #24 every Sunday...unless the Pats have a "bye" week. Training camps begin today and the NFL pre-season starts on August 9th. Woohoo! Good luck to all the football fans out there and the teams you cheer for! 

Are YOU ready for some football? 

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