Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Tuck: "Daddy has a job for us. He says we are his "Super Sniffers". 

Chris doesn't have a very good sense of smell. It has it's benefits. He has always been able to clean out sippy cup science experiments and has taken the lead on a lot of the disgusting over the top baby-poop-blow-outs. After the power outage, we packed up as much food as we could and brought it to our friends' refrigerator. By Murphy's Law, we had just done a large grocery trip before the surgery and outage. 

Once our electricity came back on, Chris took the kids to restock and pick up our salvaged food. But first, we had to finish cleaning out the contents that remained in the thawed out freezer and fridge.

That's where my husband came up with the idea for a group "activity". Anything to keep the kids entertained, right? We knew Mags would just say "YUCK! That smells." to everything put in front of her for dramatic effect. Tuck wouldn't truly know, because honestly, Swiss Cheese, although yummy, smells disgusting. 

So, there I sat. Queen Sniffer. He asked us if we were ready. We gave him the thumbs up, but we weren't overly excited about this task. Some things were able to be saved, but I drew my sniffing line when he pulled out the "frozen" bag of Flounder filets. No thanks. It's bad. Don't even bother breaking the zip lock seal on that sucker. And the "Mystery Meat Package" that I tin foil wrapped months ago and forgot to label with a Sharpie...I had one thing to say to that.

Hasta La Vista Baby!

For the record, I watched Terminator with my husband in
 my quest to fill in the holes of my missed 80's movies
WOW! Action packed awesomeness (insert sarcasm).
Unlike Arnold, I won't be back for #2. 


  1. More power to your sniffer. You are a brave woman.

  2. I like that Mags has the same "dear god, why???" expression as you, while Tuck looks genuinely enthusiastic.
    Bet he'd show Terminator the proper appreciation too.

  3. Unfortunately, much like Burton Guster of USA Network's "Psych" fame, I have been blessed with The Super Sniffer. The post-refrigeration-failure decimation sniff test could kill me. Glad you survived it. Even more glad the power has been restored and you are on the mend!
    Big, sweetly-scented hugs!