Saturday, July 14, 2012


Tuck: "Hey, Mama, do you smell that? I tooted. Isn't it gross?"

Yes, the stench was DISGUSTING. His seven-year-old body is producing man-like, roll down the window kinds of gas. He was having a blast showing off his "talent" yesterday on our 10.5 hour car ride to visit my family. 

Weary (and nauseous) from travel, our foursome was ready to get out of the car at the end of the drive to say the least.

We really enjoy visiting my parents' house. It always smells fresh, clean, and there is never dried oatmeal stuck to the rug...until we leave. My Mom (AKA Meme) has the yummiest smelling hand soaps and the most fantastic little collectibles. I'm like a little kid when we first arrive, checking out any new knick-knacks or original little "finds" that my Mom and Dad have picked up in their travels. This time they outdid themselves, though. When I entered the bathroom, I discovered something SPECTACULAR!

They found this brilliant gem in a little town they visited recently. It reads:

"Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know." 

Well, except if you are in there longer than the designated "pee" time or you announce when you exit the bathroom, 

"Wow! That stuff really works!"

Besides that, you're secret is safe. 

Just remember to put the cap back on. 


  1. Do you think that might work for your car ride back with Tucker? I'm wondering if you should sneak it into your handbag before you hug Mom goodbye.

  2. That is priceless. Someone, somewhere should be making a mint on this stuff!

  3. Funny. kids love to fart and gross everyone out. im always amazed at how young they pick that up too.