Thursday, July 12, 2012


"Mama! Check out the word I made in Words With Friends!"

Chris and I have been playing Words With Friends with Tuck (and a separate game with each other). We thought it would be another way to work on his word retrieval, vocabulary, problem solving, spelling, and math. The boy LOVES to figure out how many points his words will add up to before her presses "play". I've been proud of what he has come up with. He's learned a few tricks and once he figured out how it worked, he was good to go. 

Last night he asked me to play WWF with him while he chilled in his bed before lights out. I (being exhausted) was game (I totally crack myself up). I heard him working out a word, repeating the letters he had and then finally making a move. Then I heard him high tail it down his ladder. Next thing I knew he was at my bedside with a coy smile on his face as my phone went "DING", alerting me that it was my turn. I was shocked to see he had played the following word:

Tuck, being a sweet, cautious, rule follower, looked almost panicked and said,

"I used that word, but not in the bad way."

He was very quick to clarify he used it to mean "donkey". Thanks, Shrek, for helping my kid with his vocabulary. I turned the phone to Chris who was packing for our trip. He stifled a laugh, grabbed his own phone and exited the room.  I let Tuck know that even though he used the word to mean donkey and it got him "lots of points", we should try not to fill our board with words like that. He apologized, agreed and told me to PLEASE hurry up and make a new word so it could be his turn again because he had BIG plans for his 'z'.

As I listened to Tuck climb back up his ladder to his top bunk, my phone let out a familiar "DING". In walked my husband with a sly smile on his face saying,
"Not to be outdone by my son..."
It didn't take me long to figure out what he was talking about. I clicked on the game I was playing with Chris and saw this: 
I'm certain he meant it the other way, though. 


  1. TeeHee!! Of course he did Mel!! ;)

  2. Tuck has a wonderful sense of propriety!
    Not so sure about that Chris character though. You'd better keep an eye on him... ;)

  3. You should see the games that go on in our family! My goodness, but we have a creative vocabulary in the Ragg family!

  4. My wife does the whole friends with words thing. Our 7-yr-old uses her phone to play games too. She's already dropped the words "damn", "Hell" and "bitch" in conversation. the game is next.

  5. I love, love, love his defense of the word "ass." Thank you, Shrek, indeed. Ellen