Friday, September 21, 2012


Mags: "I love carvin' punkins. Except the part when we pull out the insides. That makes me wanna puke."

We love to carve pumpkins in this house. Correction. Chris and the kids love to carve pumpkins. I enjoy taking pictures of them doing this yearly ritual. The goofy laughter, smearing of pumpkin guts on faces and planning of jack-o-lantern designs are always something we look forward to each and every year with our little ghouls.  

As I was looking for one particular picture last know, the one you've seen a THOUSAND times but can't remember what Facebook album you put it in. No? Just me?...Okay, then. Moving on. 

Anyways. As I was searching, I bumped into an old album of pumpkin carving from 2008. HOLY CUTENESS, BATMAN. I got sidetracked, downloaded the album and made a Brite flip book out of it. 

So, here it is, in all it's glory. 'A Toddler's Guide to Pumpkin Carving'. Enjoy! (I am still on the hunt for that other picture, by the way.)


  1. What Mel DIDN"T say is that she was named one of the five finalists by the good people at Britely for this book. To win one THOUSAND dollars. And it's PRETTY FREAKIN' AWESOME that I'm including that here so you can go vote for her ... because I was ALSO named one of the five.

    However, if you're reading this post ... and you just HATE Mel ... come vote for my 'Kids Today are Soft' book on the Britely site.

    The Devil

    P.S. Yes, I am TOTALLY KIDDING. Who in their right minds could hate this sweet woman? :)

  2. Thanks for pointing it out. And, I am totally rooting for you. You are in my top 2 favorite to win! :P

  3. HA! Love this. Still trying to decide if I want my 3-year old twins to help me and the 8-year old. ;)

    ...and I'm sending you an award. Not $1,000 though, sorry.

  4. I love the taste test and the impersonation. Holy cuteness for sure!!

  5. That was brilliant!