Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Tuck: "You guys are mistaken."

Close to five years ago, Chris and I put up a picture in Tuck's room on the side of his bookcase. It was an ultrasound that was taken of Mags when I was 30 weeks pregnant. We thought it would help a newly two-year-old Tuck to be able to actually "see" his baby sister that was causing my belly to mimic the shape of a basketball.

It has hung there for the past five years, becoming part of a collage of pictures of both the kids at different ages and stages. It's really the centerpiece of it all and what the collage has grown around (literally). 

Then, tonight at the dinner table, we found out something about that precious little picture...the one that started it all. Tuck told us what he really thought of it. Below is the conversation that will be burned into my memory until the day I die. 

Tuck: "Today at school Joey brought in a picture of a crocodile."
Chris: "That's great. Was it big like Tic Toc Crock in the Peter Pan Movie?"
Tuck: "Yeah. It was huge. I told Joey that I would bring in the picture of the jungle I have to show him where a crocodile lives."
Chris and I (in unison): "What picture of a jungle?"
Tuck: "Let me go get it in my room and I'll show you." (from his room) "I need help getting the picture off of here! Can someone help me, please?"
Chris: (off to save the day)
Tuck: (seconds later behind me) "See, Mama? This one!"
Chris: "Yeah, Mama. Take a look at the picture of the JUNGLE Tuck asked me to get."
Me: (staring confused) "No, Buddy, this is Mags as a baby in my belly."
Tuck: "No way, Mama. This is a jungle. See the trees? The cloud? The boulder? The land? SEE?"


Chris: "Okay. But look here." (curling up in fetal position on the floor and holding the picture next to him) "See her head is here like mine, her arm is like this (demonstrating position), her belly and her leg. See?"

Tuck: (looking back and forth between the picture and Chris for a few moments) "Nope. Don't see it. All I see is a jungle. Can I bring it to school to show Joey tomorrow?"


  1. So funny. Like something from Art Linkletter. You may have to google that.

  2. So funny. Like something from Art Linkletter. You may have to google that.

  3. That is so cute! Children say and think the funniest things.

  4. In his defense, most adults have no idea what they're looking at either!

  5. Can't stop laughing. I needed this tonight.
    Dad tried to tell me about this yesterday, but reading it is brilliant! Your kids are amazing!
    I love Tuck's vision, and his dedication to it!

  6. Tell me you let him take that in and show everyone your jungle!

    1. This sounds like a tie-in with Ms ODNT's post about Disney. ;D

  7. Jurassic Park!

    They have an Easter and Christmas Island, why not a baby.
    After all isn't that where babies come from?