Monday, September 10, 2012


Mags: "Mama, do you see this Halloween decoration? It freaks me out. A LOT. Let's just put this one away forever, okay?"
Me: "Sure thing, baby girl."

Mags isn't scared of much. Especially with all the spooky decorations coming out this time of year, she can separate reality from make-believe pretty well. She's aware the grotesque, tortured looking mask is just a costume. So, when she shows a fear of something; we sit up, take notice, and find ourselves saying, 

"Oh, right. She's still only 4." 

Tuck fears quite a few things. He is more cautious and we often find Mags talking him off the ledge when he doesn't want to go downstairs by himself or walk down the hall because it is too dark. These are natural seven-year-old fears. However, Mags walks right over, takes his hand and leads them both into the abyss. I see it as a mixture of a little bit brave, a lot of  love and a smidgeon of wanting to show him up. Together they can conquer that basement. And Chris and I melt when these situations occur and they find strength in each other.

But each independently have their own strategies in dealing with their fears. Tuck talks himself down, tries to find the good things that are going to come out of it, or turns and runs to one of us. He is not a 'bungee jumping off a bridge' kind of kid (that was for you, Guapo). 

That's okay. Neither was or am I. We can commiserate while Mags and Daddy walk through the very scary, dimly lit, haunted house with a chainsaw wielding madman running through it.  No thanks. Tuck and I will be out here splitting a chocolate milkshake.

Mags, however, deals very differently. She acts like the scary situation or thing doesn't bother her very much at first. If it really does, though, one of two things will happen. 

1. She will tell us straight out that she is petrified.

2. She will turn the situation around so that it makes it less scary to her. 

An example you ask? Sure. Let me just find one.
 Here we go:

This skeleton has been 'Mags-ified'...and is much less threatening. 
Silly diaper-wearing skeleton. That baby food just goes right through him. 

Do you have any good Autumn or Halloween jokes you want to share? 
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  1. I love the diaper wearing skeleton. This time of year freaks my boys out. We can't even walk by the Halloween decorations at Target. Although they do a pretty good job at the whole mass hysteria thing.

  2. My 9 year old is terrified of everything! My 8 year old likes to be terrified.

  3. Mags has a great way of dealing with fear!
    I bet Tuck is cooler than any silly old bungee jumper anyway.

    (And I spent lots of time just lying around reading books until I started jumping off things.)
    Just saying.

  4. Love it - works for me! A skeleton in a diaper is way less threatening, but somehow a bit more creepy! Very funny!(came from finding the funny)