Monday, September 24, 2012


Me: "Okay. We're here. Unstrap yourself."
Mags: "Mama, please pause the CD so I can finish hearing this song when I get out of school."

I did pause the music. I promise I did. But then you know what happens?  You get back in the car, by yourself, and it's a race to fit everything into the three precious hours they are in preschool. So when the music cued back up when I started the car, I just naturally joined in and sang along. It took me until I pulled into the parking space at the grocery store to realize that I was bee-bopping along to the Imagination myself. Of course, then I hummed the catchy tune throughout the grocery store making up my own lyrics. 

Checked-out and unpacked, I hightailed it over to the pharmacy, dry cleaners, bank, and a quick stop for gas....all the while singing along with the Movers' Rock-O-Matic CD (and the correct lyrics). Then my time was up. Next stop...pick up Mags.

We bounded out of preschool happy to see one another. Strapped in and ready to go, I turned on the car.  Music please, Maestro! And we were off. Everything was peachy until...she noticed. 

Mags: "HEY! You've been listening to the CD! I asked you to wait for me!"
Me: "What? I did not."
Mags: "Yes you did, Mama! It was on the sunshine song  when I got out and now it's on 'Wittle Wed Wagon'."
Me: "I'm sorry, Mags. The CD must have started up again when I got in the car. I'll turn it back. No biggie."
Mags: "It's okay if you listen, Mama. I know you miss me when I'm in school."

And truer words had never been spoken. I miss my munchkins while they're at school. So, if  I'm humming a song that reminds me of them, then that's okay. Because it keeps them close...and time is fleeting. 

Never mind I was sooooooo busted!


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  1. So sweet! I catch myself doing the same thing...often. :)

  2. The Movers are playing every time my car moves. Every album from "Good Ideas" to "Rock-O-Matic." No matter who is in the car (or who isn't). True story.

  3. I have to miss my little Princess for a full day of school, 2nd grade. And now we listen to Kidz Bop, but I know we've had a very a similar conversation! So sweet. :)

    1. Awww. That's very sweet. I know. It's hard when they are away!

  4. I have called Lance watching shows on the Disney Channel When there are no kids in a room. Okay fine it was me.

  5. well I must admit an affection for Jake and the Neverland Pirates..but we are also the parents that don't listen to any kids music in the car (and BOAST, BOAST I tell you about how my sons know all the word to Adele songs...) however when I want to smile, I do ask Gio or Jacob to sing me the songs from Chuggington, or Doc McStuffins...and then we sing a Maroon 5 song, to balance it out. :)

    loved this!

    1. Yo Ho! Jake and the Neverland Pirates. They are so cute. Awesome. Yes. We just got into "big girl" music as well. We always have dance parties in the kitchen to the kids' music. Some of it is funny. These guys are very rock and roll, which Tuck and Mags have always LOVED them for. They have some really sweet ones, too. :P

  6. This is a regular occurrence in our car as well. You are in very good company, my friend. :)

  7. I do the same thing, but I also happen to enjoy the Imagination Movers music and will often listen to them at home or in the car even when the kids aren't around.

    We don't have a no kids music in the car rule, but everyone gets a turn at the radio. We are fortunate enough to have Sirius so we can get a good variety of everything for everyone.

    Their favorite non-kids group is Muse.

    1. That's fantastic. Yes. We have a long playlist on our iPod as well of different kid friendly artists. So much fun to explore!