Friday, November 23, 2012

A Toothless Thanksgiving

Mags: "I love my family."

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. And there was much to be thankful for in our house. Like everyone else, Chris and I have been busy with work, school and our little side projects. I was thankful that both the kids had off of school for the whole week so I could spend some much needed time playing, cleaning and hanging out with them. I was also thankful Chris had Wednesday off from work so that we could finish up the last bit of grocery shopping and yard work.  As a nice surprise, Chris sent me away on Wednesday afternoon to the movie that had a certain sparkly vampire and shirtless werewolf in it

I was hesitant at first with so much to do, so little time and all that jazz. But then the idea started sounding fantastic and so I took a leap and went to the movies...all by myself....the day before we had family coming to the house. And it was glorious. I sat and drank my Cherry Coke all by myself. It was very peaceful and it gave me time to shut off my brain and be sucked into the movie for two mind-numbing hours. 

The rest of Wednesday went well and we finished our preparations for the feast. Yesterday was a success. The dinner was yummy, the guests were funny (and super helpful) and our kids were in heaven with all the added attention. Tuck was especially thankful because yesterday morning, while wrestling with Chris, something happened. His tooth that had been dangling like a shutter after a storm FINALLY fell out. And the first thing he said was,

"Now I can eat Thanksgiving dinner without worrying about my tooth!"

And in his 7 year-old-world, that was a LOT to be thankful for! 

Oh! One more thing I am thankful for is my writing partner-in-crime. I co-wrote another article with my friend, Michele, for the Manilla site/blog. I linked to both of them below. Enjoy! 


  1. Yay for loosing the tooth! That is something to be thankful for. I went though that Ry. She barely ate for a week to avoid anything touching the dangly tooth. So much relief when it came out. First thing she wanted to was eat. That worked out perfect for Tuck!

  2. WooHoo Tuck!! I hope the Tooth Fairy knew that on holidays the payout per tooth is doubled!!! ;) Great post Mel!!

  3. That picture makes me smile! It sounds like you had a fabulous holiday. And kudos to your Hubby for taking some of the stress off you. You're a lucky lady!

  4. Aww. Thanks, lady. You know I'm thankful for you, too. Oh, and did you know that I saw the very same movie on Tuesday (albeit with my newly-teenaged son)? It was still great.

    #TeamJasper and (oddly) #TeamAlice

    1. I didn't see. He went w/ you? Son of the year! I was so taken by that movie. They did a great job w/ it, I thought. :)