Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Tuck: "I didn't get to finish writing my list in school, but I'm also thankful for recess."
Me: "And me?"
Tuck:"Oh, sorry. What are you thankful for, Mama?"
Me: "No, I mean, you forgot to put recess AND ME?"
Tuck: "You're thankful for recess, too?"
Me: "Who's on first?"
Tuck: "And your thirst?"

Me: "Yes. Good talk."

Tuck and I have about 5-10 precious minutes of  "just us" time when he gets off of the bus. We either drive or walk, but it's time when I'm able to find out about his day in a nutshell. I love it. And we have some great talks in that little time span. So, when I saw the following list he made in school of all the things he is thankful for, it didn't surprise me.

1. Nana does knit comfy booties and hats.
2. School is fun for him.
3. We did have a talk that morning about his "soul". 
4. What can I say? He is all boy.

Check it out:

And when I finished laughing, I was pretty impressed 
with how he phonetically spelled "buttocks".


  1. My next movement will be that BUTTOX is the way it's always spelled from now own.

    Speaking of boys, I just made a veiled poop joke.

    Nevermind, it stinks.

    Thanks for sharing though :)

  2. He is one of a kind, and most definitely a keeper! Oh, and he's right. It works wonders.

  3. From the profound to the commonplace, I think he hit all the important stuff.

  4. I think the opening conversation is the story of my life. Very funny!

    1. Well, it's the story of it must be the story of yours. :P

  5. Souls and TP, it's a tossup over which is more endearing!