Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Romantic Monday: The Dinner Date

This post is in response to Mr. Hotspur's Romantic Monday link-up. Turns out he is a romantic at heart and wants to keep it alive and kicking in us old, married folk. So for today, here is my response:

 The Dinner Date

I walked through the door, both kids in tow
The smell drifted downstairs, wrapped in a bow.
Dinner was cooking and the dishes were loaded,
And there in the basket, all the laundry was folded.
I climbed each step, kids racing ahead.
Me trying to keep up, my feet like lead.
I reached the last step to find him seating the children
And I kissed his warm cheek so happy he filled in
 Besides, dinner tastes so much better when someone else is in charge .
No matter if it's every leftover in the fridge or served on a barge.
It's all done with a thoughtful heart and good intention.
For that I'm grateful and think it merits a mention.


  1. This is very nice and sweet. But you left off the part where the kids go to bed, and he sweeps you off your feet... and whisks you away to a candlelit room with rose petals everywhere... which you will have to vacuum up yourself the next day... awww yeah...

  2. Very sweet. Almost Seussian. Great job, Mel.

    And go, Chris! :)

    1. I was thinking Suess when I wrote about eating on a barge. It makes rhyme writing so much easier when you talk nonsense.

      Well done, Mr.Suess. Well done.

      Thanks, M!!

  3. Romance often shows best in the little things someone does for us, like taking care of the chores.

  4. Adorable. And really, what's more romantic for a mom than the Hubs doing all the dirty work - out of the bedroom? Ha.