Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Contraction That Started It All : Part 2

One week prior to The Contraction That Started It All: Part 1 , this conversation happened in my OB/GYN's office:

OB/GYN: "Okay, Mel, you're still 1cm dilated and 50% effaced." 
Me: "Well, at least I've stayed consistent the past 4 weeks. So, it's 2.5 weeks away from Thanksgiving and I currently have 12 people coming to our house for dinner. Do you think I should cancel that?"
OB/GYN: "No. I think you should be good. You're having sporadic contractions, but they don't seem to be doing anything. And you haven't progressed any more. I think you should be safe."
Me: "Phew. Okay. Well, I'll be back next week same time."
OB/GYN: "I'm at the hospital next week, so Dr. W will be examining you. But, I'll see you the week after that. So, have a Happy Thanksgiving! Eat as much as you want, while you can!"

My OB/GYN had to say it. She had to basically throw the gauntlet down for Mags. I could hear Mags in the womb. 

 "What? Did she say that Mama SHOULDN'T cancel Thanksgiving? 

So, a week later I was headed to the hospital. Chris had successfully retrieved Tuck from school after multiple missed calls from me. When I arrived to the hospital, I took a deep breath, waited for the contraction I was having to pass, and made my way through the sterile halls. A young nurse greeted me as I rounded the corner to the nurse's station. 

"Are you Melissa...Bug...Boo...Bug....oh, I give up. 
What is your last name, Sweetie?"

Before I could answer, all the nausea got to me and I barely made it to the bathroom. The nurse followed me in and suddenly I realized she was holding my hair and rubbing my back. Nicest nurse ever. Phew, I felt a ton better after that (until the next contraction, at least).  

While I was in the bathroom, she had me put on a breezy hospital gown. Next thing I knew a million and one questions began, an IV was started, a monitor was hooked up to my belly,  and I was given a cup of liquid to help settle my nausea. Then I was told to try to relax and grab a nap for the next hour while they monitored me in the triage area. Being the best napper around, that was not going to be a problem! And then my nurse pulled the curtain shut around me as she left.

I was going to call Chris to fill him in on the plan when I saw that I had no reception on my phone. Darn it! Well, the nurse would be back soon. Or so I thought.

That's when the first pregnant woman came in. The nurse greeted her as she walked into the small check-in area. They went through formalities of her name, due date, how far her contractions were apart from one another and then...her water broke...right then and there.

"Don't move a muscle." the nurse commanded, 
"I don't want you to slip. Let me get a towel." 

Before I knew it, the woman was hooked up in the bed next to me and contracting fast and furious from what I could hear. The nurse was on the phone trying to find a room. At that time another mom-to-be made her way into the triage area. Again, the nurse went through all the questions and the woman told her she was there because she thought her water had broke. She was put in a bed adjacent to me and the first woman. 

Then the nurse said aloud after examining the second woman that, sure enough, her water had broke. They hooked her up and the nurse called for back-up. She seriously should have just lit an SOS with gauze because at that time a third woman was brought in. The third woman wasn't messing around. She was crowning and the baby was born very soon after she arrived

There was a lot of running back and forth, yelling and clinking of medical instruments. I sat, straining my ears, waiting for the next baby to drop. That's about the time my nurse popped in, announced my contractions had stopped, and that basically they needed me to get the heck out. I was taking up precious space. Free of the IV and dressed, I was given my discharge instructions to come back if the contractions started up again consistently or my water broke. 

Soon enough, I was out in the fresh air and able to call Chris. As I looked up into the twilight sky, I saw a full moon smiling down at me. It all made sense at that moment. I was so excited to tell Chris about what just happened...and that we'd have to wait a little bit longer for Mags' entrance

How much longer, you ask? Well, it was three days later and
was back there again...this time for the real thing.  

Patience is a virtue.
Stay tuned for The Contraction That Started It All: Part 3



  1. I'm surprised you didn't go once you started throwing up. That's how I always knew I was in labor - the barfing started!

    1. I did with Tuck, but I threw up through my whole pregnancy with Mags. :)

  2. Great posts Mel. I think I know how it ends (Mags). But the journey there is wonderful from here. Can't wait for Part 3....4,....5.?? Oh my!Stopping now.

  3. Yay!! I'm getting so excited! hehe can't wait to read the next part! I hope for your sake it is just one more!

  4. I thought a baby would be at the end of this one. Sort of like when I didn't know LotR was a trilogy.

    "One does not simply walk into labor."

    1. I just laughed so hard! There is seriously no better way to put it!