Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Cadbury Christmas

Me: "Mags! Guess what I found at the store today?"
Mags: "A unicorn?"
Me: "No. Better than a unicorn. Cadbury Mini Eggs in Christmas colors!!"
Me: "Nope! I'm serious."
Mags: "I can't wait to have some."
Me: (inner turmoil between sharing with your child or acting like this conversation never happened) Of course...I'll...share (insert pain)

I adore that Mags shares my enthusiasm for our favorite candy, Cadbury Mini Eggs. They come out in March and I eat bags upon bags upon bags of them throughout the spring. Oh, how I love the smell, the crunch, the way the chocolate melts in your mouth....sorry, where was I? But then I started to hear rumors of these delectable treats coming out in Christmas colors! Could it be? 

The holidays just got a little merrier and brighter!
As I was stuffing handfuls in my mouth on my way back to the car, I noticed three things:

1. They tasted JUST like the pastel colored Mini Eggs.

2. Cadbury did not have a name for them. They simply called them "Cadbury   Solid Milk Chocolates". 

3. They were not egg-shaped. They were round. See? (I said look, not touch.)

So, I thought we should help Cadbury out by naming their holiday, solid milk chocolates. They are known as Mini Eggs in their pastel, egg-shaped form.

What could we call these red and green, round, tasty morsels? 

If you help me come up with some catchy names (remember this is a PG blog) I will compile a list and send them to Cadbury in a chocolate covered letter. Not really covered, but it might have some chocolate fingerprints on it. 

I may need an intervention.


  1. Maybe jingle balls? Send me some. You have plenty and I have none. Tis the season!!!!

  2. How about "Deck the Balls?"

    Or can it be PG-13? What about reindeer balls?

    I'll keep thinking ... orbs, globes, nuggets, bullets, etc.

    1. All good thoughts. Chris and I laughed at your Christmas-y theme with "bullets". :)

  3. I have no good names, but a question . . .how are you so thin and you eat so many of these?

  4. hey miss mell here is a name, cadbury Christmas, or choc-ornaments.

  5. Oh my gosh! My dream is coming true? I have always thought cadbury eggs should be available year round, for all the different holidays. I don't love the mini eggs as much as the real full-sized ones, but it's still a step in an amazing direction.

    Jingle Balls (above) was an amazing suggestion. There's no topping that.