Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Me: "Holy guacamole. I've been blogging for one year. I've written over 300 posts and currently, I have four ideas for my next four posts rattling around in my head.  I should get to those, but first, I'd love to hear what YOU have to say. I've been quoting Mags, Tuck, Chris and myself for a year. But YOU fit in here, too! You're a big part of why I keep up with my writing."

If you were going to be quoted on According 
to Mags at the top of one of my posts, 
what would you say? Share it 
below in the comments.

 What a difference a year makes! 


  1. According To Mags: This blog is about my life as seen through my kids eyes.
    El Guapo: It's going to be a lot of fun to read, but you realize the kids are going to come off as smarter thaall of us...
    According To Mags: ....
    El Guapo: ...
    According To Mags: Well, they probably smarter than us.
    El Guapo: Yeah. Sigh... New post please!

    1. HAHAHA! Guap, I tell Chris all the time how I'm going to need to get a Doctorate to keep up with them. :)

    2. Damn it, Guapo. Always one step ahead with the witty commentary. How can I beat the one-act play? (pause ... it's a long one that actually goes on for about 15 minutes) Wait! I know! Next time I see you, the first drink will be on me.

    3. You had me at one act play...and drink. :)

      Yay! Thanks, M!

  2. Titles make my brain itch.
    I got nothin', Mags! Its difficult enough to come up with clever titles for my own blog! Congratulations, though. The next 300 should be a breeze now that "Mags Has Her Groove On"...

  3. Your writing has grown with each post, too. I'm proud to call you my writing friend.

    She's adorable. What a precious picture.

    "Mags Marks Milestone Marvelously"

    1. Love that, Lance! And thank you, my friend. I have learned from each and every one of you. :)