Saturday, March 9, 2013

100 Word Song: The Great Pumpkin

This post is in response to my friend, Lance's 100 Word Song. This week he let his beautiful, writer wife, Bo, choose the song. A girl after my own heart, she chose a country tune.  The song was from The Band Perrry, "Better Dig Two." This is where my mind went, so I followed it....


Our first date was to a pumpkin patch. It was a cold and wet October day. There were perfect orange spheres as far as the eye could see. It’s where I picked the Charliest of Brown pumpkins I could find. You appreciated my need to save it from the loneliness it would find in that patch. You were so sincere. I soaked that in. We carved that pumpkin, you and me, then lit the candle aglow. Warm and bright. We sat back and enjoyed the view, appreciating we rescued that orange mess.  A more handsome jack-o-lantern I never did see.

12 years after we met...taking our daughter on a field
trip to the place we had our first date.


  1. Aww. It doesn't get much better. Hint...never leave one on the table and go to a swim meet for 3 days. Yeah that.

  2. Aw! The most deserving little pumpkin patch by far :)

  3. What a terrific memory and a beautiful picture. I have to say that 12 years later you both still have that "happy to be in love" glow. Great post as always!

    1. Thanks so much. We are pretty happy together...unless he puts a cut out of Hannibal Lecter in the closet...then I'm not so "glow-like." Hahaha!

  4. Such a lucky pumpkin :) I feel so sad for the ones left in the field, passed over :)

  5. Great story! Totally different take on the song, and I loved it.