Wednesday, March 20, 2013

P is for Pre-K

Mags to herself: "Oh man! I hope the platelets come to my finger soon to stop this cut from bleeding." 
Tuck: "What are platelets, Maggers?"
Mags: "Platelets are part of your blood. They rush to the cut to plug it up and stop it from bleeding."
Tuck: "Wow, where did you learn that?"
Mags: "Pre-K. Ms. Nancy read us a book about it."
Tuck: "That's where I learned everything I know, too."

Last week, I substituted in Mags' Pre-K classroom. I have taught preschoolers in the past, for one year. But, like having a baby, the experience was quickly erased from my mind. No worries! It all came flooding back to me the second I walked through the door.  

I'd like to share some things about my day that stuck out:

1. If you think for one second your kids aren't listening to you at home, you're mistaken. And if you think for one second they will forget how they heard you whimper that collection of swear words over the weekend when you slammed your hand in the car door, they won't.  And if you think for one second they won't share it during circle time, THINK AGAIN! 

2. No matter what they are doing, a Pre-K child will relate the activity to poop in some way. 

3. The toilet in the classroom never gets a break. Neither do noses. 

4. If one child asks you to read them a book and then settles themselves into your lap, the rest of the children will flock to you like seagulls to an open cooler on the beach. 

5. Sixteen Pre-K kids make constant noise. There's no stopping it. 

6. Pre-K kids love to touch you. Even when you say, "Hands to yourself." they hear, "I'm a human jungle gym."

7.  They have NO control over their sphincter muscle. So they let 'er rip whenever and wherever...including your lap while you're reading.

8. Glue sticks are delicious...apparently. 

9. A Pre-K child's laughter is contagious and needs to be bottled. 

10. NEVER wear a skirt while teaching Pre-K. EVER. Or at some point in the day, it will be pulled down while you're attempting to shake off a hanging child and then you'll moon a bunch of kids.  

It takes a VERY special person to be a Pre-K teacher. 
Thanks for all you do, Ms. Nancy!


  1. I love it!! They repeat everything at cirlcle time....isn't that the TRUTH! Oh momma they things they must hear. Preschool teaching I'd certainly an art. It sounds like your experience was wonderful and memorable! I hope it was not you who lost her skirt...did you?!

  2. LOL..this is so funny, esp considering that I have two 5 yr old Pre-K boys..who do make everything about poop in one way or another (Hmmm?)

    and when I wear a skirt I always have one of them up it...and when I walk into daycare to pick them up, every kid comes up for a hug. (I actually love this part...I'll take free hugs as often as I can get em!)

    You should make another comparison chart...;)

    1. Kir. I was thinking that myself about the chart. And yes, mine are up my skirt too. They are oblivious that it shouldn't be lifterd!

  3. Glad you had fun. I did my share of this stuff when Viv was that age, too. Such rewarding work as you are so appreciated by your pupils. But the snot! Dear Lord, there was so much snot.

    God Bless our preK teachers!

    1. No kidding. Her patience goes above and beyond. The snot, nose picking....eewwww!!!!

  4. HA! I wish I could volunteer at Grace's daycare. I'd love to see the 4yo muchkins doing all these things. And if I ever do volunteer, I will be sure to come back to this post for advice. :-)

    Thanks for linking up with Honest Voices! xoxoxo

  5. Kindergarten too! Exhausting, but delicious!

    1. It's true. Kindergarten to me are cats on a hot tin roof! :)