Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zombies, Hippies and Snow

Tuck: "Thank goodness we have a snow day today. I need a rest after this weekend."

The highlights of our weekend were: 
  1. Running away from zombies in the Zombie 5K.
  2. Dressing like hippies to go out and celebrate our fabulous friend's birthday.
  3. Dancing (and singing) the night away to a Beatles tribute band. 
  4. Being chased around the kitchen with a 'Tuck controlled' helicopter while trying to make dinner.
  5. Waking up to the phone call announcing school was closed due to SNOW!

We were thrilled to get an unexpected long weekend. 
And some much needed sledding rest! 


  1. Zombie hippies?
    Make Brains, not war?

  2. What a fun weekend! You did more new and different things in a weekend than I have done in a month!

    1. I was exhausted and will probably need a good month's rest before I venture out again. :)

  3. FIne, fine. Maybe I'll write about mine, too. Glad y'all had fun. :)

  4. That was a really awesome weekend. Now it's time for rest until next weekend, it's going to be a busy one!