Monday, April 29, 2013


Mags: "OH. MY. GOSH, MAMA! Your toes look AWESOME! You're gonna love them. Don't open your eyes yet. Hang on just one more second."
Me: (sitting in chair with hands over my eyes) Okay, Mags. I promise I won't look until you say so."
Mags: Okay. Open them in 3...2...1...NOW!
Me: "Look at that. You did a great job, Mags. Thank you so much!"
Mags: (beaming with pride) "Thanks. And, look! I stayed in the lines on your nails. I only got a LITTLE bit of your skin."

You better believe I'm wearing sandals today. 
Best. Pedicure. Ever. 


  1. 2 different colors even...just beautiful Mags! :)

  2. I'd give it a while before she handles the pointy tools and such but still ... great job, Mags!

    I hope you tipped her well, Mama. :)

  3. Awe adorable!! You almost make me wish I had a girl ;-) (then I consider teenage years! eish!)

  4. she did a GREAT job (and I love the color!)

    my sons love my makeup and my nail polish. They have painted my nails at Daycare for their Mother's Day tea since they were 2. And Giovanni loves cuticle oil, he puts it on his toes after every shower. (Boys being raised by Girls...that's all I'm saying. Wink :)