Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Datevitation Father's Day

Me: "Hey guys, while I have you alone, Father's Day is coming up. What should we do for Daddy?
Mags: "OH! I have the PERFECT thing, Mama! Remember the whale movie we watched the other night? We should fly to the North Pole and take Daddy to watch the whales. But it'll be super cold there, so maybe we could just go geocaching. Then buy him a card with a whale on it. Yeah. That sounds better."
Tuck: "How about a bike ride? You know how he loves bike rides."
Mags: "Remember, Tuck? His seat is broken on his bike."
Me: "Maybe we should get him a new seat for his bike."
Mags: "Maybe we should just buy him a whale."
Tuck: "That would be a KILLER wrapping job. Get it? GET IT? (insert uncontrollable laughter)
Me: "Good one, Tuck. Very clever."
Mags: (laughing, laughing, laughing, silence) "I don't really get it."

As you can see, we had quite the range of gift ideas for Chris for Father's Day. I wanted to make sure that I let the kids have a say in what they would like to get for their dad. To me, it's very telling of their individual relationships they have with him. Each of these things was doable...well...maybe not the trip to the North Pole, but whale watching...definitely. So, how could I present a whale watching trip, geocaching and bike riding to my husband?

That's when I found, the web's first online platform to create a custom love coupon book. Their library contains over 350 date ideas and endless amounts of activities. I kid you not. They range from skydiving to kitchen cleanup. They have coupons for just about any occasion, including Father's Day! Sure enough, I tested their library and it didn't let me down! They had all the things the kids mentioned they wanted to give their dad. LOOK!

This really would be a "Killer" wrapping job. 
Geocaching and bike riding were in there, too! I created one on the spot. The sign-up was quick, easy and free. The kids and I made the book in about 15 minutes. The site is organized and simple to follow. But, wait, it gets better! Guess what? You can make one, too! 

I'm offering two ways to help you get started: 

1. Place the order by June 6th using the code 'ACCDGTOMAGS' to receive $10 off.
2. Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a free custom book.

Datevitation is a family business run by the husband-wife team of Alex and Olga Karpman. Get to know them on the Datevitation blog.


  1. You guys can go whale watching?!!? How come I didn't know that?
    (packing bags now)

  2. That is the cutest idea! It's a good one for those like myself who had horrible bio dads and adopted good dads - those good men out there could use a love coupons. Awwww... love it.

  3. I wonder if there are any coupons to get kids out of chores...!