Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An App in Review: gapNsnap

Me: "Mags, guess what? I got a new app."
Mags: "Ooh! Can I play with it? What does it do?"
Me: "Sure. It's like a scavenger hunt through the store. And you have to take pictures. Think you can handle it?"
Mags: "I'm on it! What's it called?"
Me: "It's called gapNsnap. The goal of the app is to find as many empty places on the shelves in the store as you can. When you see a tag on the shelf and it's empty behind it, you line up the camera and take a picture of it."
Mags: "You know I LOVE takin' pictures."
Me: "And being in charge."

Michele and I were asked to review the following app called gapsNsnap. It is a free download on your smartphone. The sign up is quick and easy. You can begin using the app the moment you step into a food store. Here's where to start:  

1. At the menu, you "Select Location."
2. Choose the food store in which you are shopping.
3. Locate a "hole where a product is supposed to be while shopping."
4. Take a picture of the hole with the shelf tag on your smart phone. 
5. Choose the "Campaigns" button to see how you can earn rewards for snapping pictures where stock. 

Mags and I went to the store and she was happy to be in charge of finding the empty spots and taking pictures, including the shelf tag. It's amazing how many out of stock things there are in the store once you really take notice. 

Also, once you have finished your session of snapping, the app will synch all your snaps automatically when connected to wifi. That is, unless you enable the setting to "use cellular data." The app doesn't recommend this setting unless you have an unlimited data plan.  

As they say in the gapNsnap description, "...grab your buggy, launch gapNsnap the app, and get to snapping."

You can follow them on Twitter @gapNsnap to keep up with all the new "Campaigns." Once you follow them, be sure to learn more about
 them at their Twitter party tomorrow night, 
May 30, 2013 at 8:00pm EST.
See you there! 


  1. We should just turn our girls together loose in the stores. We could probably retire on that energy and enthusiasm!

  2. Looks like a fun app! I look forward to trying it. It looks as if it is not available for android yet. :(