Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Stale Fortune

Tuck: "Mama, my fortune cookie fortune makes absolutely no sense."
Me: "That's because you're trying to read the side written in Chinese."

However, Tuck has a point. Fortune cookies always leave me scratching my head. Just put a bunch of mashed up clich├ęs together and POOF! Your future fate is in the palm of your hands and a stale, tasteless cookie is in your mouth. Since every Chinese food establishment seems to hand out these little treasures with ease, I thought I would too...blogger style.  

I invite you to join me by going to The Fortune Cookie Message Generator and creating your own. You can also just leave your "blogger fortune" in the comments below. Enjoy! 


  1. GENIUS!!! you're a funny, witty, amazing GENIUS!

    this made me giggle, you're going places lady!! ;)

  2. "A two year old will find a way to scare the bejeezus out of you at least 4 times a day."

    "A banker's life is full of money that they can never reach."

    "Laundry is a neverending cycle."

    Stephanie (@smtimmons)

  3. Beware of blogs bearing Captcha. Perfect!

    "When in doubt, don a ketchup suit."

  4. "The statistics of your hits are like the fronds of the palms."
    "When pictures you post, followers you find."
    "The internet never forgets."