Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Me: "Hey, guys! Can you come help me?"
Mags: "Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. HEEEEEELP!"
Me: "Did you just sing the Beatles at me? 
Mags: "Yeah, man. Peace."

I asked Mags to help me put her clothes away. She called to me from her room saying,

"I can't fit them all in!" 

I called back to her from the living room, 

"Try another drawer."

She emerged soon after with no clothes in hand. I assumed the mission was accomplished. Later on, when I walked into her roomthis is what I found...

I deserved this.


  1. Oh my!!! I have been there!! Girls are helping me. I'm song my chores they're putting away their laundry...they're putting away their laundry. I'm totally rock this mom thing. Yeah me. Then I go in. That hour of folding I did....all the clothes in one drawer. Those nicely folded clothes. All refolded and reput away....uggggg we gotta try though!!!

  2. is it Wrong that I'm glad that every child's room looks the same? As if a tornado made a detour and landed right on their furniture and under their beds??

    it almost looks like she tried to color coordinate...that's progress ;)

  3. Well, at least it's near the drawers...

  4. That's clean compared to our girls...lucky mel

  5. Oh geez, that is my five year old! I find clothes stuffed under his bed, mixed in with his stuffed animals, everywhere! You'd think it'd be easy, but I guess it's not.