Thursday, June 13, 2013


Chris: "We're going to need a babysitter for June 14th."
Me: "Why? Or should I say, what movie is coming out?"
Chris: "YOU tell me."
Me: "Spiderman? Wolverine? Batman?"
Chris: "He's faster than a speeding bullet."
Me: "The Flash?"
Chris: "It's like I don't even know you anymore."

Superman. The correct answer was Superman. Well, 'Man of Steel' to be exact. I successfully secured a babysitter AND opening night tickets to the show. I guess that would make me Wonder Woman ... just not as busty or hiptastic. 

And since we're going to be celebrating Father's Day this Sunday as well, my wheels started turning about Superman and dads. After scribbling my random thoughts on sticky notes ... a chart was born. 

Happy Father's Day to all those 
Super Dads out there!

Is often confused for a bird or a plane.
Is often confused about what’s stuck down the drain.
Says, “Up, up, and away. “
Says, “Get outside and play.”
Has the power to melt metal with his eyes.
Has the power to sleep through the loudest of cries.
Is weakened by the element, Kryptonite.
Is weakened by the nightly bedtime fight.
Escapes to his fortress of solitude.
Escapes to the bathroom without his brood.
Saves his love interest, Lois Lane, from the evil villain’s grip.
Saves his toddlers’ lives when off the back of the couch they flip.
Rocks a suit of red and blue with an ‘S’ on his chest.
Rocks a suit and tie because he is the best.

Especially to the SUPER DADDY in our house! 


  1. So clever! I'm a sucker for charts and anything that rhymes, so I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Happy father's day to your Superman!

  2. He's such a great guy! Lucky woman! Love the pic!

  3. Love it!! Happy Fathers Day Superman Chris!!

  4. I love,"Has the power to sleep through the loudest of cries." That is definitely the Super Daddy in our house!

    P.S. Chris kinda favors Christopher Meloni in this pic! Yeah? Maybe? I think so!

    Stephanie @smtimmons

  5. Aw! That was such a great post! Very cute. You always make me smile!

    I hope you have that picture of Chris framed - it's so great!