Saturday, July 27, 2013

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Mags: (sniff, sniff)
Me: "You're going to have a great time with Daddy. He's got so many fun things planned."
Chris: "Tons! We're going to be so busy you won't even notice Mama is gone." 
Me: "See? You'll be fine."
Chris: "Yes. And then when Mama comes home, you'll say 'No, go away again, I was having so much fun with Daddy.'" 
Me: (insert stink eye directed at husband)
Chris: "Sorry. I got carried away."

Both our kids keep switching up on us lately. Tuck is usually the one who has a hard time with people leaving on trips. Mags holds it together and stays strong to show her brother up cheer her brother up during these times. But, the other day when I left for my trip, Mags was the one struggling to hold her "sadness inside." 

Tuck stepped up and tried to distract her with Minecraft talk and the silly, talking cat app. These tricks were getting quick smiles and then she'd be right back to the sniffing and sighing. Not being able to handle seeing her pouty lip and eyes brimming with crocodile tears, I let my own fall. We chatted. I reminded her of my earrings that were in her ears and I gave her one of my lip glosses she LOVES.  

It's only five days, but still, she threw me through a loop. I kissed them good-bye, Tuck smiled and reminded me to get him something from Chicago. Mags screamed and begged me to take her. As I was pulling away, Tuck grabbed her hand and said, 

"I'm right here, Mags. I've got you." 

I smiled, closed the car door and thought, 

"Man, that kid is going to make a FANTASTIC 
husband and daddy one day."


  1. You just gave me a couple of threatening tears! My heart strings pull for you but I know you had a fabulous time! :)

    Stephanie (@smtimmons)

  2. I love the relationship your kids have!

  3. Awwww. If it helps, the trip was TOTALLY worth it to me as I had the pleasure of meeting your gorgeous self at BlogHer! xo

  4. what an INCREDIBLE little boy...must take after his mommy.

    your children are so lucky to have each other and YOU.
    (and after meeting and hugging you I KNOW that's true)


  5. Your kids are so cute! Mine were not as sad to see me go unfortunately...since it meant an endless stream of takeout and video gaming with Dad! ;)

    I had THE.BEST.TIME hanging out with you and Michele!! Youz are my girlz!! xoxo