Thursday, July 18, 2013

Don't Forget

Me: "Mags, look at this cute picture of you when you were a baby."
Mags: "That's not me, Mama. That baby has blue eyes. I have green eyes."
Me: "I know. Babies are born with blue eyes and then as they get a little older, some change color."
Mags: "That's freaky, Mama. I'm like a little alien."

Sometimes I forget: 
  • How her eyes were blue until she was close to six-months-old.
  • How soft and squishy her cheeks were.
  • How her vocabulary consisted of four words. (Dada, bra-bra, book, Mama)
  • How she used to love when I'd say, "How big is Mags?"
  • How she'd sit in her high chair in the kitchen and eat "hors d'oeuvres" while I cooked dinner.
  • How she hated baby food and, at five months, insisted on the "real stuff."
  • How she'd laugh uncontrollably at her brother. And still does.
  • How she went from immobile in the morning to rolling around the house by lunch.
  • How her gummy smile lit up her face.
  • How she used to be this little. 
What things about your kids younger years 
do you sometimes forget?


  1. I remember when they wanted to be with ME all the time. My presence beat the tar our of any TV show, movie, XBox or playmate and they just couldn't get enough of ME! :)

    "Hold you!" with arms outstretched (translated to "Pick me up!") was another huge favorite. Among literally thousands.

  2. It's good that you only forget sometimes.
    And have the pictures and the person to remind you.