Monday, July 22, 2013

Gone Buggy

Me: Oh my goodness, Aunt Patti, look at that hornet!"
Aunt Patti: "Oh yeah. It's carrying a snack."
Me: "Holy cow. It's trying to shove it in a hole in the bottom of your chair. I've never seen that. Amazing."
Aunt Patti: "What? There's a hole in my chair?"

I won't deny it. Lately, I've been into bugs. Especially taking pictures of them and posting them on the blog. The kids have helped me to be more observant of what is around me this summer. I have decided to follow THEIR lead on wherever our adventures have taken us. 

So, even though my first instinct was to be grossed out by the following scene, I knew my kids would LOVE it. I snapped away. And here's what I caught on my camera. 

From a kid's point-of-view: 
  • How in the world did the hornet carry that? 
  • Hornets eat grasshoppers? 
  • Is there a tunnel for them in the chair?
  • Does a hornet have teeth?
  • Is there a nest in the chair?

From a grownup's point-of-view: 
  • That chair is dead to me.
  • Please pass the Raid.


  1. Hah very good. Has the chair been killed with fire?

  2. LOL, If I were Aunt Patti you could have had a photo of me running from the chair....

  3. Seriously, I would empty a can of Raid into that chair, then run over it with my car. Ewww...

  4. So DO hornets eat grasshoppers??? I've never seen that before either. Very strange!

    Stephanie (@smtimmons)

  5. Glad to know I still fit in with the kids!

  6. oh my...I don't really like bugs, but I don't mind them as much as snakes.
    #justsayin. :)