Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let the Adventure Begin

Chris: "Who wants to put up the tent to do a camp out tonight?" 
Mags: "Where are we going to put it?"
Tuck: "Out in the back yard?"
Chris: "Yep! And we can have a campfire in our fire pit."
Mags: "Mama, do you know about this?"
Me: (frantically trying to find clothes to pack for BlogHer without stains on them) "What?"
Mags: "Camping out in the backyard? With Tuck and Daddy. AND THE WILD ANIMALS?"

I don't foresee Mags being much of a camper. More like...a "glamper," as our friend, Ms. Lindsay calls it. Glamour + Camping = Glamping. Never mind the fact that tomorrow I'm leaving on a plane to meet my friend, Michele, in Chicago for a long weekend. We'll be attending the BlogHer conference. It's a large amount of women writers and bloggers all in one conference center. Let the estrogen begin! 

Anyways, Chris thought it would be fun to "camp" before I left. I packed this morning so I was able to hang out for a little bit tonight. Of course, Mags has been glued to my side all day. She's not happy I'm leaving. "Not one 'yittle' bit."  Tuck has been sneaking in a lot more hugs than usual today. I'm more than happy to receive them while he's willing to give them.

Chris, being the master of distraction, has made a plan for the day after they drop me off at the airport. As long as Mags doesn't pack herself away in my suitcase, we should be good. 

But for now, I'll enjoy the crackle of the fire...
and soak in my "stuck like glue" kids. 

"This is man's work"



Thumbs up for camping (mind you it's still light out)

Scary hot dog mustache

What adventures have you been on this summer? 


  1. I love that you camp in your backyard. How fun! Enjoy Chicago and BlogHer13

  2. WE let the boys sleep outside pretty much all of one summer. Until it got too hot and they had let the animals in the tent one too many times. They loved it. I so need to get a new tent..

  3. Why do I suddenly feel sorry for any male in or around Chicago this weekend? Don't stir up too much trouble with Michele! (I understand that this is nearly impossible) Safe travels.

    Stephanie (@smtimmons)

  4. We camp in our back yard every year! It is like a mini adventure, but we still have a bathroom and unlimited snacks!