Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Tuck: "I wish I could do the laundry. It looks like fun pouring soap and pressing the buttons."
Me: "It is so fun, Tuck! I'll teach you if you want."
Tuck: "Really? Okay! I'll be right back. I need to get my stool. I'm so excited"
Me: "ME, TOO!" (insert me doing an endzone touchdown dance)

Yesterday was an exciting day. Tuck learned how to do the laundry. It was LOADS of fun for both of us. Honestly, I thought he would do a few loads and then the novelty of the buttons and soap would wear off. But, they didn't!  He separated colors, towels and whites. Then, we walked through each of the machines together; what soap to use, what buttons to push, and how much to shove into it. 

I really need to credit my brilliant friend, Elizabeth, for this activity. She's the mom of SIX kids and all but one of them (a baby) do their own laundry. Her secret? Making it fun...and seem like they are doing a job that is "only for big, responsible kids." Works like a charm!

Tuck spent the day doing experiments, building Legos and listening for the buzzer on the washer machine. When it would go off, he was like Pavlov's dog. He'd come running with our laundry basket to go collect the dry clothes. Then, he'd switch over the laundry from the washer to the dryer while humming a little tune. It was like a real life fairy tale...for me! 

As an added a bonus...wait for it...Mags FOLDED! The only thing she didn't fold was the fitted sheet. But, let's be honest. Who really CAN fold up one of those suckers? 

The best part was that both kids felt accomplished. Okay. Not really. It was that my laundry was done. 

But, their successes were definitely a close second.  


  1. I am liking this.....i think we may have just found something that I won't care if the kids fight about!

  2. Keep it going!! So after a while they may not be as enthusiastic. So let them pick out the laundry soap or additive when you shop; have them pick the day they want to do it; have them take turns... when boredom sets in, give them more choices or decision making power and they'll stay engaged ;) Now if you could help me with the ones that fight when they're doing dishes... :/

  3. Haha, this is awesome! When my son was little, he looooved to vacuum! Now that he's almost 18....not so much. He'll still do it but, with less enthusiasm, lol.

  4. Careful - when word gets up, all the girls are going to make an even longer line for his attention!
    (Does he know how to cook yet?)
    (Women love guys who can cook.)
    (Well, my woman does.)
    (Well, I know she loves the food anyway...)
    (But she generally does the ironing lately.)

    1. No kidding! He's a great baker and he follows directions well. He is also pretty handy. I think that I'm designing the PERFECT husband. You're welcome, Tuck's future wife. :)

  5. Great post, lots of energy and sparkle. The next generation of women will love you! He's a star.

  6. I just toss it all together in a cold wash (unless there are new dark clothes or the whites need bleachin'. That's what makes it easy and 'enjoyable' for me