Monday, September 9, 2013


Me: "I can't believe the Bills are winning right now."
Chris (the lifelong Bills fan): "Don't worry. There's ten minutes on the clock. That gives 'em plenty of time to screw this up."

Bills vs. Pats. Boys vs. Girls. Twice a year we bring out our game faces. 
One winner. One loser. 

Sounds intense, right? Nah. Not really. We do it in jest...and take dorky pictures of ourselves. I looked back tonight over the past few years. I knew exactly which year each had been taken based on our faces.

Top left (no, your other left) was obviously during a time I was sleep deprived. One or both of the kids still weren't sleeping through the night. I looked T-I-R-E-D. 

Bottom left (Hold your thumb and pointer finger up. It should form an L.) was taken to prove to my little man that once upon a time he cheered for the Pats. 

Bottom right (bottom...hehehe) it looked like I had slept a little and was having a good hair day. 

Top right (hey, you got it) I couldn't find any of my Pats gear this morning. Both my shirts and sweatshirts were nowhere to be found. Doesn't that sound suspicious to you? Luckily, I had my purple Pats hat my dad bought me. But I'm still on the lookout for my lost or "misplaced" sports attire. 

Here's to a great football season! 


  1. This needs to be framed and hanging somewhere!

  2. There isn't much adversity in our house over pro ball, but collegiate? My Mister and I are University of TN alum, our daughter graduated from FSU. There is an abundance of yelling at the TV on fall weekends.

  3. Sound like Chris would make a great NY Mets fan.

    Love the one of the kids.

  4. I love how Chris' tee is the same in pic 1 and 3, just a LOT more faded. I guess it's his lucky shirt. ;)

    Stephanie @smtimmons