Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Set the Bubbles Free

Tuck: You know what I'm asking Santa for this year?"
Me: "What?"
Tuck: "Over here in this aisle. I'll show you."
Me: "A SodaStream?"
Tuck: "Yep. Look! You make your OWN soda. See all the different flavors?"
Me: "Pre-tty cool."
Tuck: "You know why else I want it...besides the Root beer? It's good for the Earth cause it uses the same bottle every time.  I bet Santa will like that."
Me: "You know, Santa probably is into reduce, reuse and recycle. He does have the Island of Misfit Toys, after all. They're reused toys. Get it?"
Tuck: "Good call, Mama! Remind me to put that in my letter."

And then, just a few days later, Christmas came early for my little man...and the whole family, really. Remember how Michele and I went to BlogHer13 this summer? Well, along with other vendors, we got to meet and spend some time learning about the SodaStream products. The words, 'simple to use' and 'eco-friendly' caught our attention immediately. Never mind the bottomless cups of delicious concoctions they had at the booth. I believe we tried about five of their flavors in a matter of ten minutes. And the woman who was working the SodaStream maker was also demonstrating how fast you could make a Liter of soda, soda pop, pop or tonic...depending on how Southern or Northern you are. 

Needless to say my kids and husband were ELATED to see this box in our kitchen when they got home from school and work. (Thanks, SodaStream!)

After the flurry of paper filler and bubble wrap was unloaded, we found the machine and soda mixes inside. It took us all of 10 minutes to get it set up, figured out and our first Liter of soda made. We had a BLAST going through all the different sampling of flavors they sent us. Hands down, Root beer and Cola were the family favorites, but I also enjoyed the Pear and Black Current mix. 

There are so many affordable choices, we really can't wait to try all their flavors. There truly is a flavor for everyone. And speaking of flavors, SodaStream posted these interesting details about the mixes on their site,  "Regular Sodamix flavors contain less sugar, calories, carbohydrates and sodium than national drink brands. Regular flavors contain no high-fructose corn syrup, and are sweetened with a blend of sugar and sucralose. Diet Sodamix flavors contain no sugar, no aspartame and are sweetened with Splenda® brand sweetener. Sparkling Naturals are sweetened exclusively with cane sugar."

Below is just a small sampling of their 60+ flavors that are sold on the SodaStream site and at select retail stores such as Target for $5-7 a bottle. 

Did I mention that one bottle makes about 50 servings? Michele used the other half of our collective brain to figure out that it came to about 10-14 cents a glass. PLUS, when you are finished with the flavor bottle, that is ONE 16.9oz bottle in the recycling bin rather than FIFTY 7.5oz cans. Go on with your bad self, Soda Stream!

So, to sum up what we've learned here today class:
  1. Flavors galore. 
  2. More Earth friendly. 
  3. Easy to use. 
  4. Better ingredient
  5. Flavors galore. 
WAIT! There's more! You can have your very own SodaStream taste test because Michele and I are EACH giving ONE away. 
That's TWO SodaStreams total! 

Each of the prize packages includes the following items:
  • Fountain Jet-winner's choice of black/silver, red/silver or white
  • 1 carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years
  • Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda
  • Variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors
  • 3 full-sized flavors of the winner's choice
Good luck! Please feel free to share the love to earn more entries! The giveaway will close on October 1st at Midnight EST.  

*Please note that both winners will need a continental US shipping address.


  1. I would choose Dr. Pete, Cherry Cola and Cherry Kool-Aid to invent a Cherry Dr. Pete recipe. Yum.

  2. COKE!!! It's always coke. No matter what. End of story. :)

    Stephanie @smtimmons

  3. I'd have to try Dr Pete, Cherry Cola and Sparkling Natural Root Beer, Thanks!

    -Robyn (dulcie4 @ aol.com)

  4. I would try the green tea, the peach tree and the root beer!
    Lisa (lisa6wks@gmail.com)

  5. My husband would LOVE this. :)

  6. Our first three flavors would be "Cola", Kool-Aid and Root Beer!

  7. Diet caffeine-free cola, diet root beer, diet ginger ale - hubby's diabetic, so it's great they make so many diet flavors!

  8. Everything that's flavoured cherry and orange. Delicious!!

  9. Any Dr. Pepper flavor, Ginger ale and something new for us to try!

  10. Coke, root beer and any Kool-aid flavor

  11. Pear and black current sound yummy. Do they have pomegranate ?