Monday, October 14, 2013

Carving Her Way

Mags: "Why do we call them jack-o-lanterns?"
Me: "We only call them jack-o-lanterns once they're carved."
Mags: "No. I mean...why is there only JACK-o-lantern for boys? Why can't there be a JACKIE-o-lantern for girls?"
Me: "I never thought about it that way, but good point, Mags."
Mags: "That's what my noggin is for, Mama. Thinkin'."


  1. Mags would have appreciated the movement a while back urging the sewerage and water boards to rename their street access points "Person Hole Covers."

  2. I love it when kids come up with these clever questions that we never even thought about. They are thinking! And it's a sign of the times, right? She needs to start her own Foundation. Girls for Gourds! ;)

  3. She's always thinking, she will go far in life. Great pumpkins!