Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Me: "The kids are quiet and engaged in building Legos. I'm going to record the intro for the story real quick."
Chris: "Okay. Have fun!"
Me: "It'll just take me a...."
Mags: "Mama! Mama! Where are you? I NEEEEEEEEEEED you."
Me: "Seriously, Chris? She has a sixth sense for these things. It's like when I try to use the bathroom by myself."
Chris: "Or shove an entire candy bar in your mouth. She always knows."
Me: "It's creeptastic."

Halloween is drawing closer. It's a time of year when our creative sides come out in full force. As many of you know, I also co-host another blog site called Night Light Stories with my husband, Chris. We write original children's stories together. I record them and we put the audio out on iTunes for free. Since the Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is Chris' favorite holiday, we really enjoy writing our seasonal stories and episodes. Chris also hosts his own podcast called A.T.TIPSCAST where he shares free or commonly found technology based strategies that can be used by anyone. 

Seeing how we've been producing both these podcasts for 5+ years, I thought I'd share our Fall-ish and Halloween-ish episodes with you. Enjoy! 


Click here to listen to: An Interview with a Zombie (8:32)

A talk show host interviews a popular guest 
about his latest viral video.

Free audio downloadAn Interview with a Zombie
Blog with activities: An Interview with a Zombie

The Patchwork Pumpkin: Part 1 (17:12) and Part 2 (12:14)

A little girl living on a farm longs to carve the Halloween pumpkin 
with her father but his chores seem to keep them apart. 
Can she find a different way to spent time with her father?

Free audio download: The Patchwork Pumpkin (Part 1)
Blog with activities: The Patchwork Pumpkin (Part 1)
Free audio download: The Patchwork Pumpkin (Part 2)
Blog with activities: The Patchwork Pumpkin (Part 2)

The Heebie Jeebies: (6:57)

What goes bump in the night? How do you keep the Heebie Jeebies 
away, especially on Halloween?

Free audio download: The Heebie Jeebies
Blog with activities: The Heebie Jeebies

A Glummy, Gloomy Halloween (11:17)

A goblin named Glum wants to have a surprise birthday party for his brother Gloom, but every monster he invites already has plans for the evening.

Free audio download: A Glummy, Gloomy Halloween
Blog with activities: A Glummy, Gloomy Halloween

Auntie Kerry and the Paskamansett Pumpkin Regatta (17:29)

Auntie Kerry recruits her family to fulfill her dream of competing in aunique river race but when she gets sick they are forced to come together as a team without their fearless leader.

The Turns of the Seasons (13:58)

One by one, the seasons take turns impacting people's lives. 

Free audio download: The Turns of the Seasons

Blog with activities: The Turns of the Seasons

Migration (6:23)

A boy and his mother discover the wonder of watching a letter fly 
through the sky.  

Free audio download: Migration
Blog with activities: Migration


Click here to listen to: Saber Saw's Game

When Chris and Melissa wake up in a strange room after a Halloween party they meet the notorious Saber Saw who asks them if they want to play a game.  Will they win?

Click here to listen to: It's Alive

This episode of the A.T.TIPSCAST features a recording of the events that transpired in the attic of the Bugaj household on a stormy night in October 2012 which involves electricity, a tablet computer, some spare parts, and (of course) some strategies that can help students.
Click here to listen to: Count Edula's Game

This episode features a visit to Count Edula’s mansion where he asks about some tools he can use to help organize his  “hypothetical” zombie army.  Chris’s suggestions just so happen to be useful tools to help students as well. 

Click here to listen to: Paranormal Apptipity

Chris and his wife Melissa describe a variety of educational tools

as they conduct a paranormal investigation.


  1. I cannot WAIT until Liv gets home tomorrow so we can listen to this together. She wants to be a zombie clown for Halloween, so this is right up your alley. I foresee a NLS Halloween marathon in the near future. Thanks for all you do!

  2. I have started listening to these with the boys and I love them.

    So proud of all you're doing.