Friday, October 18, 2013

Ode to a Hairdryer

Mags: "Can we blow dry my hair tonight after bath?"
Me: "Sure we can."
Mags: "Can I hold the hair dryer myself? You know the one with the spinnie thing on the end."
Me: "The Tornado?"
Mags: "Yeah. The air goes all over the place. It's like the hair dryer is having a party."

It's true. I can't lie. There's a party in my bathroom whenever we dry our hair. And I have Kiss products to thank for their Tornado 360 Air Booster hair dryer.

Drying Mags' baby fine hair isn't the easiest of tasks. It takes great concentration not to linger in one spot too long. Otherwise Mags will give me the "TOO HOT! TOO HOT!" alarm. In order to avoid that, I tend to shake the hair dryer all around like I 'm doing the Hokey Pokey. Shake your hair dryer in, shake your hair dryer out, shake your hair dryer in, then I shake it all about. I can't imagine that is good for the dryer. Add to that the fact that Mags, even being the beauty queen she is, does not like standing there waiting while I dry her hair. After about 45 seconds she's yelling over the blowing air,


So, when Michele and I were asked to review this new hair dryer while we were at BlogHer this summer, we couldn't just blow past this opportunity. I was excited to try it out on myself, but moreso on Mags. Four big things caught my attention:

1. The Tornado 360 blow dryer dries an area up to FOUR times larger than a conventional dryer. This helps to distribute the heat more evenly...which would elimate the "TOO HOT" Mags alarm.

2. The Tornado 360 dries up to THREE times faster than a conventional hair dryer. You know what this means?  I can get Mags' hair dry in no time flat! I just love time saving products.

3. The Tornado 360 has a rotating air booster that does the work for you...or as Mags calls it, "The party part." It spins all around, distributing heat and air so  that I don't have to shake all. It's nice to have a product work FOR you.

4. The Tornado 360 has a ceramic tourmaline ionic effect which reduces the frizz and creates shiny, healthy hair. They had me at FRIZZ. Mags and I both have unruly waves to our hair. I was so happy to find that this feature is not an exaggeration. It really does what it says. And for that, Mags and I thank you, Kiss!

Being back to work full-time, the mornings are hectic. Trying to get the kids fed, lunches packed, bodies dressed, teeth brushed and hair combed is a feat in and of itself. Never mind the fact that I have to get MYSELF ready in a presentable, professional fashion. I was so pleased to find a blow dryer that does the job in half the time.

I was so thrilled, in fact, that I wrote a little poem about it. I was just going to post it, but Michele upped the ante (overachiever) and recorded herself singing a song about the Tornado 360. I'm serious. You can see her sing it here while plucking out the tune on her guitar. It's not like she set the bar high or anything. But, since I record myself reading stories a lot, I figured I could do the same. Minus the guitar and beautiful singing voice.

Here goes nothing! 
(Please keep your laughing to a low roar.)

But, WAIT! There's one more thing.

Thanks to Kiss, Michele and I are each giving away a Tornado 360. That's two hair dryers to two lucky winners. All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below. Good luck! 

Please note that, by simply clicking the 'tweet the giveaway' option, you can earn TEN entries a day for this promotion. The contest ends on Thursday, October 24, 2013.

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  1. Nicely done! (And might I add you are looking quite chic!) :)