Thursday, October 3, 2013


Me: "How do my nails look, Mags?"
Mags: "Not good, Mama. Not good at all."
Me: "I should have let you paint them."
Mags: "That's what I've been sayin' for YEARS!"

I tried something new the other night. KISS products puts out a do-it-at-home acrylic nail kit. Since I started my new job two things have happened simultaneously. My time has decreased substantially while my stress has increased exponentially. This combination leads to me reverting back to my nervous (VERY BAD) habit. One that I am ashamed to say have passed on to my eight-year-old. Yep! You guessed it. Biting my nails.

I know. Ewww! It's gross. But, I've found that when I paint my nails, it deters me because I don't want to ruin the polished look. Michele and I had each received a set of acrylic paint and an LED lamp from KISS, so I thought I'd give it a try. The directions seemed easy enough, so I gave it a try.

Two things that I would remember for next time:

1. My nails were shorter than usual. 

2. I didn't take the time to really wipe off the excess polish that got on the outer skin of my fingers.

In the end, after I had done a bottom coat, cured, a color coat, cured, a top coat and a final nails were hard and the polish was shiny. 
However, the quick job I did was not sufficient. 

When I do them again, I am going to:

1. Set aside a solid half an hour. 

2. Really pay attention to making sure I cleared the bottom and color coats were cleaned off of my skin before I cured them under the LED lamp. 

3. Double the time for curing that the box suggested.

However, lucky for me, I had a backup plan in case my skills needed some practice. KISS also sent me some of their "imPRESS'' nails. They have a lot of cool styles and colors. The nails were just my speed. You peel off the back and stick them on your own nail. I found these were perfect. I was pressed for time...and these pressed on in no time. 

And, teaching in a high school, the pattern on them was a huge hit! 

Plus, Mags had a blast mixing and matching them with me!

Wanna try some Kiss Products for yourself?

Michele and I are giving away TWO prize packages courtesy of Kiss. Each package includes a Kiss Tornado 360  hair dryer and a pack of Kiss EverEZLashes. 

Your hair and your eyes will thank you for it. 

(Not literally though. That would be terrifying.)

The contest ends on Tuesday, October 10, 2013


  1. Please tell Mags I'll need an appointment sometime before Christmas. I know she's probably booked until Spring, but I fully expect her to squeeze me in somewhere! :)

    1. You are top long as you have ODNT Jr. with you...and Milo. :)

  2. How cute is that? A mommy and Mags home salon day. I especially love the black and white ones - very cool. I have to admit, when I saw the photo of the kit, I thought "Don't go into the light Carol Ann..." You did see Poltergeist, right? ;)

  3. You and Mags are too cute for words!