Friday, October 11, 2013

Saving the World One Perishable Item at a Time

Me: "Where is your Super Girl outfit?"
Mags: "In my drawer. Why? Do you want me to rescue something?"
Me: "Yes. I need you to help me save some food."
Mags: "I'm on it."

It's a bird, it's a plane, it''s...Super FoodSaver Girl! 

Seriously, Mags was all about the FoodSaver system when it came in the mail. Since Michele and I were asked to review it, I wanted my Super FoodSaver Girl side-kick (who am I kidding, I'm HER side-kick) to help me save some produce begging for mercy in our "Crisper" drawer.  

Mags was quick to pull out a red bell pepper (because it matched her outfit...I kid you not).  We cut it up and the fun began. We took the FoodSaver 2244 out of its box, unwrapped it and plugged it into the wall. We were ready to go! I read the directions to Mags <ahem> Super FoodSaver Girl and she followed them without any difficulty. It was so simple, no wonder these guys are the "market leader in the vacuuming package category."  

Check out how easy this machine is to use...

I KNOW! It's so cool, right? Mags sealed five different things in about four minutes. That included the time it took to cut the bags to size. We sealed one open side of the bag with the "Seal" button.  Then, when we were ready, we placed the food product into the bag and inserted the other open end into the machine. Mags tucked the bag in, pushed down the lock on the side and pressed the "Vac/Seal" button. She particularly loved watching the bag mold to the shape of the food as all the air was sucked out of the bag. 

For the record, that first Red Pepper we sealed was opened four days later and sent in lunchboxes to school. It was still as crisp (I had to try a piece to be sure) as when we first cut it. 

My only true concern was going through all the bags they sent within our first "sealing" session. But, to my surprise, the roll of plastic material that was sent to us was able to be custom cut for the food you are  

One helpful tip I would give would be to follow the directions in adding THREE additional inches to the amount of bag material you think you would need. This allows a little bit of forgiveness so you aren't sealing the bags too close to the edge. 

When I continued to read about FoodSaver, it only got better. Did you know...

  • You can buy their products on and also on Amazon or Target. 
  • Their bags and containers have been proven to save food five times longer than plastic wrap or regular plastic containers. 
  • It's sleek design makes it easy to store in between uses. 
  • FoodSaver brags (as it should) that it can save a family up to $2700 A YEAR on wasted food and produce. I can't wait! 

Don't take our word for it. Go ahead and try it! You and your family can save that kind of money a year, too. 

Want to win a little something personal from Michele and me? We love you guys for reading. Which is why Michele and I are each going to make a little something special in our kitchens and send it to you ... FoodSaver'd, of course. We'll be taking entries through Thursday, October 17, 2013.

Good luck! And remember...
you too can save the world, one perishable item at a time. 


  1. She is adorable!! I would save my vegetables first.

  2. Apples--they get brown so fast, but my kids (yes the are 15 and 17 yrs old!) still prefer their apples cut up in their lunches. By the way--the magical giveaway widget is not liking me and won't let me enter via it. :(

  3. Every day I wonder what this prize could be. Leftovers? Dinner gone bad??

  4. Mags is the most adorable little girl.