Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Mags: "Mama. Did you see the HUGE box for you downstairs?"
Me: "Yep. I'm so excited!"
Mags: "What is it?"
Me: "A pressure washer from Ryobi! It sprays water really fast so that it blows the dirt right off the house!"
Mags: "Like the Big Bad Wolf in the Three Little Pigs?"
Me: "Kinda. But this is with water...and there are no pigs."
Mags: "It won't blow the house DOWN, will it?"
Me: "No. It just takes the grime off the siding and the deck."
Mags: "Well...phew! That's a relief."

Guess what came in the mail? Something that made Chris and me jump up and down. Something that brought out our outdoorsy side. Something that made us play Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine which one of us got to use it first. That's right, I'm talking about a Ryobi Gas Pressure Washer powered by Honda. It took us all of two seconds to bust that box open and see the beauty that awaited inside.

Living on the side of a mountain means there's lots of extra dirt, rocks, wet leaves and...did I already say dirt?  Never mind how the falling leaves fill our gutters and ponds. That's where Ryobi saved our DAYS. Days it would take to wash down the house, days it would take to scrub the green grime off our deck and days it would take to shovel out goopy build-up in the ponds. We couldn't wait to see how it would work.  

Since we were asked to review it, we took it seriously. I wanted to see how hard it would be to actually get this machine up and running. Honestly, it took a few turns of the screw driver for some quick accessories (like the spray nozzle holder), a quart of oil, some soap and of course....

...which someone forgot to refill when they used the last of it in the lawnmower a few weeks ago. <ahem> So, while Chris ran to the closest 7-11 to get some gas, I read up on the IMPRESSIVE functions and options this model of Ryobi Pressure Washer offers.

  • Has 3100 PSI (pressure per square inch)
  • Powered by a 187 cc Honda engine
  • Idle down technology for better fuel efficiency
  • 5-in-1 nozzle for easy spray-pattern changes
  • On board detergent tank and accessory storage
  • Has a 25' ultra flexible high pressure hose
  • Has 12 inch wheels, which allow for easy handling as you roll it across the terrain in your yard.
  • Weighs 65 pounds. (Compared to carrying both my sleeping kids upstairs from the car, this was a piece of cake to lift.)
  • Three Year Unit Limited Warranty and a Two Year Engine Limited Warranty.

It also has accessories that are sold separately, but I am going to add them to my Christmas list immediately! They are a Gutter Cleaner and a Turbo Nozzle for that extra power. Basically, I was in love.

Chris hadn't even put the car into park when I was opening the back door to get the gas can to fill up the tank.

Then came the real test...for me, at least. Could I pull start this myself? 

 The answer was yes. Not only could I start it with minimal effort, but I also could maneuver it up the rocky hill in our yard to the front of the house. Once I had it secured in a more level area, the fun began.  

The results were immediate. This before and after 
picture was taken only after five minutes of spraying. 

We were thrilled, so we power washed everything in sight, from the windows to the concrete patio to the front door. There was no doubt this machine held up to its reliable Ryobi name.

In conclusion, our family gives this machine many enthusiastic thumbs up. 
(Well, not Mags...she was a little bit nervous about the power of 
the water coming out of the nozzle.) 

But, truly, the pictures above and below are worth a thousand words.
Tuck took a break from riding his bike to come over and try it.
And, yes, Chris is hugging the pressure washer.

Wait! Don't go just yet! As a thank you for reading today, Michele (who just reviewed a  Ryobi Generator) and I want to offer you a chance to win another great Ryobi product. So, we're giving away TWO collapsible Ryobi lawn & leaf bags* ... just in time for fall! They're perfect for collecting debris, leaves and other trash. Now...who's going to come help me rake? 

*If this item is unavailable at time of order, another product of similar value with be substituted. Contest ends October 14th at midnight.  


  1. it sounds exactly like Gio and Jacob, Are all Kindergarten kids this smart and sweet?
    "It won't blow the house down, right Mommy?"

    that power washer looks amazing, Like everyone could use one this time of year.

  2. Power tools are fun! I bet Tuck was loving it!

  3. Power tools are fun! I bet Tuck was loving it!

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