Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Urban Dictionary: Furbish Edition

Tuck: "You know what I'm putting on my Christmas list?"
Me: "Legos?"
Tuck: "Yep...AND a Furby BOOM!"
Me: *mumbles* "What did I ever do to you except spend 6 weeks on bedrest and 3 days in labor and 3 hours of pushing and..."
Tuck: "What?"
Me: "Huh? Oh...I was just saying that's furbtastic, honey!"

What Furby is really saying


a-loh/doo?Play with me. Play with me! PLAY! WITH! ME!
Dah/doo-ayIt's 3AM. Who wants an adrenaline rush?
Dah/lee-koo/koo-/wah!My batteries never say die.
Hey/boo/loo-looThe joke is on YOU! 
Kah/may-may/u-nyeI love to wake your sleeping child.
Doo-moh/may-lah/kahShaking me will just make me angry!
May-tah/kahYou won't like me when I'm angry!
Kay/mee-mee/a-tahPotty mouth.
Dah/a-loh/nah/bahSunset or sunrise...I'm flexible.
nee-tye/kahGizmo is cu-kah!
Dah/noh-lahI will not be ignored!
Kah/mee-mee/noo-loo/wahI'm very happy to annoy you.
Kah/toh-loo/may-tahI see you with that screw driver.
Wee-tee/kah/way-lohIt's a Phillips head screw. SUCKAH!

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