Monday, November 4, 2013

These Monkeys are too Hip to be Square

Me: "Mags, may I take your monkey with me to New Orleans?"
Mags: "No way, Mama!"
Me: "I promise I'll bring her back in one piece."
Mags: "I trust you. But no."
Me: "I was going to take some..."
Mags: "Mama. No means no."
Me: "Okay, okay. No monkey."
Mags: "You know what we could do instead? Maybe we could FaceTime with her!"

It didn't take long for her to become a loved member of the "Nighty Night" society. She had all the makings of a star.  Her heart of gold and glitzy nature fit her new community perfectly. She had been waiting  for this moment where she found somewhere to settle in and feel at home. Finally, that time had come. With her guitar by her side, Star Harmonkey finally felt complete.

Who would want to leave that kind of community behind? 
Not Star, that's for sure.

But, Ima Bananerd, who came along for the ride from Planet Sock Monkey was another story. She had a thirst for knowledge with a streak of independence that couldn't be ignored. She was smart, sassy...and just a little bit clumsy. True to her nerdy form, she was matched perfectly with none other...than a Physics teacher. 

Like Ima, the physics teacher (we'll call her Mel) had a very spunky friend who lived far away and, as luck would have it, she was going to vist her the very weekend Ima arrived. And, even though Ima had just traveled all the way from Planet Sock Monkey, she snapped her suspenders, grabbed her backpack and her Phyics book and jumped into the open suitcase She never said no to learning something new. 

Ima passed the time traveling by listening to her Sock Monkey friend, M.O.N.K's, newest rap CD. She promised him she'd write a review of each of his songs. 

Before she knew it, the suitcase unzipped and Ima was greeted by not one, but TWO Patch Product friends. Magenta Beetsch and ANOTHER Star Harmonkey, also sent from Planet Sock Monkey , were ready to go when she arrived. The connection to these two was immediate. Star, being characteristically sweet, and Magenta, having a heart of gold and a funky style to boot, made her feel right at home. Being in a new city, Ima was anxious to write down her observations and collect some data for her research on city life. 

Throughout the next four days she traveled by car, bus, airplane and 
Street Car.

She ate native cheeses and developed a love for a delicious fried 
dough treat called Beignets. 

Ima also went on a spooky ghost tour. And perhaps a little more scary than ghosts, she tried a Lucky hot dog from a cart on the street. That was more her zombie Sock Monkey friend, Eaton Dedd's style, but when in Rome...

The whirlwind trip left her head spinning. Even though she was sad to leave her friends behind, she knew she would be able to FaceTime and text.  That, and she had a lot of fun memories to look back on and share. As her Sock Monkey friend, Long Sock Silver says, "We'll be seein' yaaaarrrr again real soon." 

Want to win one of these trendsetting little friends for the little monkey in your life? Michele and I are each giving one away right here. Our two lucky winners will get to choose from the six limited edition friends listed above. (More monkeys are coming soon to Planet Sock Monkey.) 

Entries will be accepted until the end of Monday, November 11, 2013. 

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  1. Like I told Michelle. I can remember my aunt making these at home when I was younger. They were big before my kids were born, then just faded away. I think with the boom of people doing more things in the way of reusing and upcycling it is great someone took this idea and ran with it. Awesome!