Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Modeling the Magic

So the stockings aren't hung by the chimney with care.
In fact, they're hung just about everywhere.

The tree is bottom heavy and leans to the right. 
The ornaments clumped together are always a sight.

Those treasured collection of Nutcrackers you adore,
are haphazardly "marching" across the kitchen floor.

No more Pinterest perfect cookies set out on a plate.
They’re buried in sprinkles that challenge their weight.

Christmas card pictures where everyone smiles,
they’re way at the bottom of one of these piles.

Gift wrapping doesn’t involve pretty ribbons, straight edges and bows.
Now it's more tape than paper and the ribbon has tangled your toes.

Thoughtful Christmas shopping has now become a mad dash
As you gather what you can in the cart for your secret stash.

The serene sight of the crèche is not what it was in the past.
It’s now littered with Barbies and one of the kings needs a cast.

Christmas morning now begins at 5AM on the dot.
The coffee is strong with an extra espresso shot.

To compare these moments is something we all do.
Stepping back to take a breath is important for us, too.

Their twinkling eyes tell the story committed to our memory’s vault.
It’s up to us to fuel the magic and watch their imaginations exalt.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Little Christmas Chat with Mags

Me: "How was your last day before break, Mags?"
Mags: "Good! We drank hot chocolate and Ms. B read The Polar Express."
Me: "That sounds like a perfect day to me!"
Mags: "It was...except for what Tommy said."
Me: (deep breath) "Oh no! What did he say?"
Mags: "At the end of the story, he said something about Santa. Well, I'll just tell you. He said that Santa wasn't real."
Me:  "Oh, man. What did you say when he said that?"
Mags: "I looked him right in the eye and said, 'THAT IS JUST CRAZY TALK, TOMMY!'"
Me : (exhale)

The moral of the story: 
You better get your Santa on...or else. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations

Me: "Please. Can we not this year?"
Chris: "Sorry. You know the rule. My grandma made them. They go up no matter what."
Me: "But they freak me out."
Chris: "Sorry. Rules are rules."
Me: "Who makes up these rules?"
Chris: "Santa."

You know you have some. Don't lie...or try to hide them.  That's right, I'm talking to you. Yes, YOU! The one with the "I'm the Grinch Who Stole Christmas" shirt and both hands behind your back. I can tell you're hiding them. It's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas decoration'. Are you familiar with this Halloween AND Christmas movie classic? If you aren't, no worries. It is just like it sounds. 

So, I'm asking you to share, because I know I'm not alone. We all have one, two or (shudder) three of them. They are the decorations that have served their time in Christmases past and induce nostalgia on sight. They are the ones that look like they were made by goopy, grotesque goblins rather than effervescent, elated elves. 

Feel free to post them on my Facebook page or do a post of your own. These poor, decrepit decorations deserve one more hurrah. I'll start.

On the count of three. Ready?  
One...two...two and a half...two and three quarters....


Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Story of a Wishbone

Mags: "That wishbone is a liar. It's not very wish-y."

Like most families, we dried out our turkey's wishbone and then let the kids snap it. It began with ... well, here ... let me show you...

The end

Friday, December 6, 2013

Bringing Out Your Inner Minion

Me: "Hey, guys, guess who started following me on Twitter?"
Mags: "Daddy?"
Me: "No, he follows me already."
Mags: "He does? That's thoughtful of him."
Me: "Think cute, yellow and ... bottom."
Mags: "The Minions! The Minions!"
Me: "Yep, Dave the Minion!"
Mags: "YOU ARE SO COOL! I gotta tell Tuck." (hightails it down the hall

Our family LOVES the minions. So much so that Mags' 6th 
birthday party was all about them. 

In fact, Mags often announces her arrival into a room by hollering, 
"Bee-doo, bee-doo, bee-doo!"  

So when Michele and I were asked to help promote a contest involving 
minions ... and Twinkies ... we were all in! Check it out below!

To celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of Despicable Me 2, Universal Studios and Hostess are running a fun campaign right now called “Dress Up A Twinkie Like A Minion.” It's fun to make and simple to enter! 

1. Download accessories to Minion-ize your Twinkie:
2. Create your Minion masterpieces.  
3. Upload a picture of your adorable, edible treat and  you could win a daily prize (Despicable Me 2 Blu-ray or a special offer from Hostess) or even the Grand Prize (a home theater system, a collection of 30 Blu-rays and a year’s supply of Hostess treats). 
 The contest ends 1/5/14. 

Honestly, my kids were so excited to get behind this. 
And since we're anticipating our first big snowfall of the 
season, this scene-tastic idea was forefront on our kids' minds!

It's beginning to look a lot like ... minions ... everywhere you go. 

You think I'm kidding? 

Look, Michele! We're minions! 
And I gave you a few inches over me. 
You're welcome. :) 

Good luck, everyone, and HAVE FUN!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Plates of Memories

Tuck: "Can I help you set the table, Mama?"
Me: "Sure. I'd love your help. Let's start with the dishes."
Tuck: "Are we using your Nana's plates?"
Me: "Yep. And remember, we need to be careful with them. They're delicate."
Tuck: "I promise I'll be very gentle."
Me: "It's over 50 years old. My nana got it when she got married to my pa."
Tuck: "You get plates for presents when you get married?"
Me: "Not everybody asks for them, but most people do. It's a tradition of sorts."
Tuck: "Well, you know, if you think about it that does make sense. I mean, when you get married and you have to live together, you're gonna need new plates. And since people eat everyday, these will come in handy."
Me: "True. Wanna hear something cool?"
Tuck: "Sure."
Me: "I ate off of these when I was a little girl. Every holiday we'd set up a huge table at my nana and pa's house and all of my aunts and uncles would come over to sit around and eat dinner together. Those are some of my favorite memories."
Tuck: "That's so cool."
Me: "These make me so happy. There are so many memories are in these plates."
Tuck: "Memories and people's spit."
Me: <sigh